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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But others wish that you should go there."
2.  That evening Milady was still more impatient than on thepreceding evening. She renewed the order relative to theGascon; but as before she expected him in vain.
3.  "Instead of putting the letter in the post, which is never safe,I took advantage of the journey of one of my lads to Paris, andordered him to convey the letter to this duchess himself. Thiswas fulfilling the intentions of Monsieur Porthos, who haddesired us to be so careful of this letter, was it not?""Nearly so."
4.  "An infamous scoundrel, monseigneur, a scoundrel!""Give me paper, a quill, and some ink, then," said thecardinal.
5.  "Monsieur Duke, at whatever price it may be, I will have them.""I would, however, beg your Majesty to observe--""Do you, then, also join in betraying me, Monsieur Cardinal, bythus always opposing my will? Are you also in accord with Spainand England, with Madame de Chevreuse and the queen?""Sire," replied the cardinal, sighing, "I believed myself securefrom such a suspicion."
6.  "Yes, sire."


1.  "But this letter in which he recommends you to me?""Is an order for me to confine myself to a sort of prison, from which hewill release me by one of his satellites."
2.  "You will not sign that order, my Lord!" said Felton, making a steptoward the duke.
3.  "You are sure it is not he?" said she.
4.  "Oh, good lord," cried Porthos, "what precautions for the studyof theology!"
5.  The host had reckoned upon eleven days of confinement at a crowna day, but he had reckoned without his guest. On the followingmorning at five o'clock D'Artagnan arose, and descending to thekitchen without help, asked, among other ingredients the list ofwhich has not come down to us, for some oil, some wine, and somerosemary, and with his mother's recipe in his hand composed abalsam, with which he anointed his numerous wounds, replacing hisbandages himself, and positively refusing the assistance of anydoctor, D'Artagnan walked about that same evening, and was almostcured by the morrow.
6.  "Oh, D'Artagnan, my beloved D'Artagnan! You have come, then, at last!You have not deceived me! It is indeed thee!"


1.  Aramis returned home, and Athos and D'Artagnan busiedthemselves about pledging the sapphire.
2.  "I will do, without a promise and voluntarily, all that I can doto serve the king and be agreeable to the queen. Dispose of me,then, as a friend."
3.  "Tomorrow at daybreak. Sleep as soundly as you can tonight, andtomorrow, if you can, we will take our departure together.""Till tomorrow, then," said Aramis; "for iron-nerved as you are,you must need repose."
4.  D'Artagnan translated this for the others.
5.   "Is yours."
6.  "Well, the English like good wine, as you may know, monsieur;these have asked for the best. My wife has perhaps requestedpermission of Monsieur Athos to go into the cellar to satisfythese gentlemen; and he, as usual, has refused. Ah, good heaven!There is the hullabaloo louder than ever!"


1.  "My dear Athos, we are enveloped in a network of spies. Anddo you believe he knew you again, Kitty?"
2.  Milady smiled with joy. She was free now to give way to hertransports without being observed. She traversed her chamberwith the excitement of a furious maniac or of a tigress shut upin an iron cage. CERTES, if the knife had been left in herpower, she would now have thought, not of killing herself, but ofkilling the baron.
3.  Porthos, without reply, retreated a second step. Theprocurator's wife fancied she saw him in a brilliant cloud,all surrounded by duchesses and marchionesses, who cast bagsof money at his feet.
4、  The commissary then, instead of continuing to interrogate him,made him a long speech upon the danger there is for an obscurecitizen to meddle with public matters. He complicated thisexordium by an exposition in which he painted the power and thedeeds of the cardinal, that incomparable minister, that conquerorof past minister, that conqueror of past ministers, that examplefor ministers to come--deeds and power which none could thwartwith impunity.
5、  There are in affluence a crowd of aristocratic cares and capriceswhich are highly becoming to beauty. A fine and white stocking,a silken robe, a lace kerchief, a pretty slipper on the foot, atasty ribbon on the head do not make an ugly woman pretty, butthey make a pretty woman beautiful, without reckoning the hands,which gain by all this; the hands, among women particularly, tobe beautiful must be idle.




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      "I come to see you," replied Milady, without knowing how much sheaggravated by this reply the suspicions to which D'Artagnan'sletter had given birth in the mind of her brother-in-law, andonly desiring to gain the good will of her auditor by afalsehood.

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      As was his custom, D'Artagnan presented himself at Milady'sat about nine o'clock. He found her in a charming humor.Never had he been so well received. Our Gascon knew, by thefirst glance of his eye, that his billet had been delivered,and that this billet had had its effect.

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       The officer leaped to the pier, and offered his hand to Milady.A carriage was in waiting.

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      "To horse, then, gentlemen; for it is getting late."The attendant was at the door, holding the cardinal's horseby the bridle. At a short distance a group of two men andthree horses appeared in the shade. These were the two menwho were to conduct Milady to the fort of the Point, andsuperintend her embarkation.

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    {  >From time to time a broad sheet of lightning opened the horizon in itswhole width, darted like a serpent over the black mass of trees, andlike a terrible scimitar divided the heavens and the waters into twoparts. Not a breath of wind now disturbed the heavy atmosphere. Adeathlike silence oppressed all nature. The soil was humid andglittering with the rain which had recently fallen, and the refreshedherbs sent forth their perfume with additional energy.Two lackeys dragged Milady, whom each held by one arm. The executionerwalked behind them, and Lord de Winter, D'Artagnan, Porthos, and Aramiswalked behind the executioner. Planchet and Bazin came last.The two lackeys conducted Milady to the bank of the river. Her mouthwas mute; but her eyes spoke with their inexpressible eloquence,supplicating by turns each of those on whom she looked.Being a few paces in advance she whispered to the lackeys, "A thousandpistoles to each of you, if you will assist my escape; but if youdeliver me up to your masters, I have near at hand avengers who willmake you pay dearly for my death."

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      But the next day she was obliged to believe this fatal intelligence;Laporte, detained in England, as everyone else had been, by the ordersof Charles I, arrived, and was the bearer of the duke's dying gift tothe queen.}

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      "What is it?" said the Musketeers.

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      They took the bridge. That was D'Artagnan's road, as he wasgoing to the Louvre. D'Artagnan followed them.

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       "The one you bought will then become useless to you?""Nearly so."

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    {  Do not depend upon me, madame, for the next meeting. Sincemy convalescence I have so many affairs of this kind on myhands that I am forced to regulate them a little. When yourturn comes, I shall have the honor to inform you of it. Ikiss your hands.

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      "You see," said she, when the lackey had gone out, "everything is ready.The abbess suspects nothing, and believes that I am taken by order ofthe cardinal. This man goes to give his last orders; take the leastthing, drink a finger of wine, and let us be gone.""Yes," said Mme. Bonacieux, mechanically, "yes, let us be gone."Milady made her a sign to sit down opposite, poured her a small glass ofSpanish wine, and helped her to the wing of a chicken."See," said she, "if everything does not second us! Here is nightcoming on; by daybreak we shall have reached our retreat, and nobody canguess where we are. Come, courage! take something."Mme. Bonacieux ate a few mouthfuls mechanically, and just touched theglass with her lips.