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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I foppish? how do you mean?"
2.  "Oh!" he exclaimed, as though a redhot iron were piercinghis heart. During the last hour his own crime had alone beenpresented to his mind; now another object, not lessterrible, suddenly presented itself. His wife! He had justacted the inexorable judge with her, he had condemned her todeath, and she, crushed by remorse, struck with terror,covered with the shame inspired by the eloquence of hisirreproachable virtue, -- she, a poor, weak woman, withouthelp or the power of defending herself against his absoluteand supreme will, -- she might at that very moment, perhaps,be preparing to die! An hour had elapsed since hercondemnation; at that moment, doubtless, she was recallingall her crimes to her memory; she was asking pardon for hersins; perhaps she was even writing a letter imploringforgiveness from her virtuous husband -- a forgiveness shewas purchasing with her death! Villefort again groaned withanguish and despair. "Ah," he exclaimed, "that woman becamecriminal only from associating with me! I carried theinfection of crime with me, and she has caught it as shewould the typhus fever, the cholera, the plague! And yet Ihave punished her -- I have dared to tell her -- I have --`Repent and die!' But no, she must not die; she shall live,and with me. We will flee from Paris and go as far as theearth reaches. I told her of the scaffold; oh, heavens, Iforgot that it awaits me also! How could I pronounce thatword? Yes, we will fly; I will confess all to her, -- I willtell her daily that I also have committed a crime! -- Oh,what an alliance -- the tiger and the serpent; worthy wifeof such as I am! She must live that my infamy may diminishhers." And Villefort dashed open the window in front of thecarriage.
3.  "Yes, he has a wife, who through everything has behaved likean angel; he has a daughter, who was about to marry the manshe loved, but whose family now will not allow him to wedthe daughter of a ruined man; he has, besides, a son, alieutenant in the army; and, as you may suppose, all this,instead of lessening, only augments his sorrows. If he werealone in the world he would blow out his brains, and therewould be an end."
4.  "A Greek?" murmured the Count of Morcerf.
5.  "And you have seen this cavern, Morcerf?" asked Beauchamp.
6.  "He is an excellent person."


1.  "Well, what does that prove?" asked Valentine.
2.  "Just now."
3.  "And where is the messenger?"
4.  "What? Are you going?"
5.  "Do you not think, on reflection," said he to him, "that youhave done wrong in thus speaking of your mother-in-law inthe presence of M. Debray?"
6.  "Ah," said Dantes, "you might well endure the tedious delay;you were constantly employed in the task you set yourself,and when weary with toil, you had your hopes to refresh andencourage you."


1.  "That's unfortunate."
2.  "As I have already told you, sir, he was a very dangerousman; and, fortunately, by his own act disembarrassed thegovernment of the fears it had on his account."
3.  "Come," thought Franz, "he is still more mysterious, sincethe two accounts do not agree."
4.  "Leave you? Why should I leave you?"
5.   "Have you not let it go out of your hands?"
6.  "And what?" demanded Morrel.


1.  "Look!" said Faria, showing to the young man a slender stickabout six inches long, and much resembling the size of thehandle of a fine painting-brush, to the end of which wastied, by a piece of thread, one of those cartilages of whichthe abbe had before spoken to Dantes; it was pointed, anddivided at the nib like an ordinary pen. Dantes examined itwith intense admiration, then looked around to see theinstrument with which it had been shaped so correctly intoform.
2.  "Then," answered the elder prisoner, "the will of God bedone!" and as the old man slowly pronounced those words, anair of profound resignation spread itself over his careworncountenance. Dantes gazed on the man who could thusphilosophically resign hopes so long and ardently nourishedwith an astonishment mingled with admiration.
3.  As for Andrea, he began, by way of showing off, to scold hisgroom, who, instead of bringing the tilbury to the steps ofthe house, had taken it to the outer door, thus giving himthe trouble of walking thirty steps to reach it. The groomheard him with humility, took the bit of the impatientanimal with his left hand, and with the right held out thereins to Andrea, who, taking them from him, rested hispolished boot lightly on the step. At that moment a handtouched his shoulder. The young man turned round, thinkingthat Danglars or Monte Cristo had forgotten something theywished to tell him, and had returned just as they werestarting. But instead of either of these, he saw nothing buta strange face, sunburnt, and encircled by a beard, witheyes brilliant as carbuncles, and a smile upon the mouthwhich displayed a perfect set of white teeth, pointed andsharp as the wolf's or jackal's. A red handkerchiefencircled his gray head; torn and filthy garments coveredhis large bony limbs, which seemed as though, like those ofa skeleton, they would rattle as he walked; and the handwith which he leaned upon the young man's shoulder, andwhich was the first thing Andrea saw, seemed of giganticsize. Did the young man recognize that face by the light ofthe lantern in his tilbury, or was he merely struck with thehorrible appearance of his interrogator? We cannot say; butonly relate the fact that he shuddered and stepped backsuddenly. "What do you want of me?" he asked.
4、  "What? Who?"
5、  "Yes, but they are never used. That Count of Monte Cristo isan original, who loves to look at the sky even at night."




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      "I told you, my dear mother, he was esteemed such."

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      "Do you mean at Rome?"

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       "The moment you leave me, Valentine, I am alone in theworld. My sister is happily married; her husband is only mybrother-in-law, that is, a man whom the ties of social lifealone attach to me; no one then longer needs my uselesslife. This is what I shall do; I will wait until the verymoment you are married, for I will not lose the shadow ofone of those unexpected chances which are sometimes reservedfor us, since M. Franz may, after all, die before that time,a thunderbolt may fall even on the altar as you approach it,-- nothing appears impossible to one condemned to die, andmiracles appear quite reasonable when his escape from deathis concerned. I will, then, wait until the last moment, andwhen my misery is certain, irremediable, hopeless, I willwrite a confidential letter to my brother-in-law, another tothe prefect of police, to acquaint them with my intention,and at the corner of some wood, on the brink of some abyss,on the bank of some river, I will put an end to myexistence, as certainly as I am the son of the most honestman who ever lived in France."

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      "What excessive nonsense you talk, Maximilian!"

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    {  "I suffer from emotion?" said Monte Cristo.

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      "Oh, yes, with all my soul."}

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      The gendarme looked irresolutely at his companion, whoreturned for answer a sign that said, "I see no great harmin telling him now," and the gendarme replied, --

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      "Oh," murmured Danglars," that bed is probably one of thecoffins hollowed in the wall, and the sleep I shall enjoywill be death from one of the poniards I see glistening inthe darkness."

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       "Badly enough; but yet I do live."

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    {  "I think not, sire."

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      "What do you wish me to say?"