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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The young woman turned over a sheaf of counterfoils.
2.  .
3.  "Never mind, my dear lady. You will hear from me, Mr. Cummings. Withthe help of the god of justice I will give you a case which willmake England ring. You will get news by to-morrow, Miss Dunbar, andmeanwhile take my assurance that the clouds are lifting and that Ihave every hope that the light of truth is breaking through."It was not a long journey from Winchester to Thor Place, but itwas long to me in my impatience, while for Holmes it was evidentthat it seemed endless; for, in his nervous restlessness, he could notsit still, but paced the carriage or drummed with his long,sensitive fingers upon the cushions beside him. Suddenly, however,as we neared our destination he seated himself opposite to me- wehad a first-class carriage to ourselves- and laying a hand upon eachof my knees he looked into my eyes with the peculiarly mischievousgaze which was characteristic of his more imp-like moods."Watson," said he, "I have some recollection that you go armedupon these excursions of ours."
4.  "I hardly consider that a conclusive proof. Was the remainder of thecoronet at all injured?"
5.  "He glanced at the two which I handed him, and then he tossed themback.
6.  1926


1.  "And he is a man with a wooden leg?"
2.  Holmes had been examining the cover of the notebook with hismagnifying lens.
3.  "Curious people, Watson! I don't pretend to understand it all yet,but very curious people anyway. It's a double-winged house, and theservants live on one side, the family on the other. There's no linkbetween the two save for Henderson's own servant, who serves thefamily's meals. Everything is carried to a certain door, which formsthe one connection. Governess and children hardly go out at all,except into the garden. Henderson never by any chance walks alone. Hisdark secretary is like his shadow. The gossip among the servants isthat their master is terribly afraid of something. 'Sold his soul tothe devil in exchange for money,' says Warner, 'and expects hiscreditor to come up and claim his own.' Where they came from, or whothey are, nobody has an idea. They are very violent. Twice Hendersonhas lashed at folk with his dog-whip, and only his long purse andheavy compensation have kept him out of the courts.
4.  "Painful, is it? Yes, the coolies used to do some squealingtowards the end. Takes you as cramp, I fancy."
5.  The narratives of Watson, have accustomed the reader, no doubt, tothe fact that I do not waste words or disclose my thoughts while acase is actually under consideration. Dodd seemed surprised, butnothing more was said, and the three of us continued our journeytogether. in the train I asked Dodd one more question which I wishedour companion to hear.
6.  "We are getting some cards in our hand, Watson," said Holmes whenthe landlord had left us. "It's not an easy one to play, but we maysee our way in a day or two. By the way, Sir Robert is still inLondon, I hear. We might, perhaps, enter the sacred domain to-nightwithout fear of bodily assault. There are one or two points on which Ishould like reassurance."


1.  "You will appreciate it, Watson, when I tell you that thisgentleman, Mr. Trevor Bennett, is professional assistant to thegreat scientist, lives under his roof, and is engaged to his onlydaughter. Certainly we must agree that the professor has every claimupon his loyalty and devotion. But it may best be shown by takingthe necessary steps to clear up this strange mystery."
2.  "Yes, sir. the person that I allude to is dead."
3.  "That is our signal," said Holmes, springing to his feet; "itcomes from the middle window."
4.  "When did you first meet Miss Hatty Doran?"
5.   "In search of the body of lady St. Simon."
6.  "I cannot tell."


1.  "'Why, what did you think?' I asked.
2.  Re Vampires
3.  "She has been with her all her life," said Hopkins. "Nursed her as ababy, and came with her to England when they first left Australia,eighteen months ago. Theresa Wright is her name, and the kind ofmaid you don't pick up nowadays. This way, Mr. Holmes, if you please!"The keen interest had passed out of Holmes's expressive face, andI knew that with the mystery all the charm of the case had departed.There still remained an arrest to be effected, but what were thesecommonplace rogues that he should soil his hands with them? Anabstruse and learned specialist who finds that he has been called infor a case of measles would experience something of the annoyancewhich I read in my friend's eyes. Yet the scene in the dining-roomof the Abbey Grange was sufficiently strange to arrest his attentionand to recall his waning interest.
4、  "No, no, you are joking, Holmes!"
5、  Holmes turned the body over reverently, and examined it with greatattention. He then sat in deep thought for a time, and I could seeby his ruffied brow that this grim discovery had not, in hisopinion, advanced us much in our inquiry.




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      "Why, Holmes," I said, "if one believed the papers, you are dying.""That," said he, "is the very impression which I intended to convey.And now, Watson, have you learned your lessons?"

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      "How did you get here?"

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       "How do you prove that?"

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      "`Where could I find him?'

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    {  "Do you open the boys' letters?"

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      "`Then, good-bye, Mr. Jabez Wilson, and let me congratulateyou once more on the important position which you have beenfortunate enough to gain.' He bowed me out of the room, and Iwent home with my assistant, hardly knowing what to say or do, Iwas so pleased at my own good fortune.}

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      "He loves me. Yes. But do I not love him? Do I not love him evento sacrifice myself rather than break his dear heart? That is how Ilove him. And yet he could think of me- he could speak of me so.""He is full of grief, but he cannot understand."

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      Was that not so?"

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       "This is, indeed, a most serious matter. Even more culpable in myopinion, your Grace, is your attitude towards your younger son. Youleave him in this den for three days."

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    {  "It is usually wiser to tell the truth. But why did you lie to him?""Because the fate of someone else depended upon it. I know that hewas a very worthless being, and yet I would not have his destructionupon my conscience. We had been so close- so close!"

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      "It was last night, sir, somewhere about twelve."