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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Whom do you suspect?" he asked.
2.  "My way ran down a dried-up water course, which we hoped wouldscreen me from the enemy's sentries; but as I crept round the cornerof it I walked right into six of them, who were crouching down inthe dark waiting for me. In an instant I was stunned with a blow andbound hand and foot. But the real blow was to my heart and not to myhead, for as I came to and listened to as much as I could understandof their talk, I heard enough to tell me that my comrade, the very manwho had arranged the way I was to take, had betrayed me by means ofa native servant into the hands of the enemy.
3.  "The woman's first instinct would be to shut and fasten thewindow. But, halloa! What is this?"
4.  "Perhaps not with your tongue, my dear Watson, but certainly withyour eyebrows. So when I saw you throw down your paper and enterupon a train of thought, I was very happy to have the opportunity ofreading it off, and eventually of breaking into it, as a proof thatI had been in rapport with you."
5.  Swain, of St. Augustine.
6.  "This sounds serious," said I.


1.  "Could she have guessed?"
2.  "'Then the matter stands thus. You are probably aware thatfuller's-earth is a valuable product. and that it is only found in oneor two places in England?'
3.  "'He simply wished, I should imagine, to refresh his memory uponthat last occasion. He had, as I understand, some sort of map or chartwhich he was comparing with the manuscript, and which he thrust intohis pocket when you appeared.'
4.  "But why in the world would anyone want to burn the bones of a manwho has been dead a thousand years?" asked John Mason.
5.  "Oh, remarkably superficial," said Holmes, smiling. "Come, Watson, Idon't think we shall be wanted in Aldershot any more."
6.  Could our sinister acquaintance be more clearly described?"He goes on to tell of his own encounter with one when swimmingoff the coast of Kent. He found that the creature radiated almostinvisible filaments to the distance of fifty feet, and that anyonewithin that circumference from the deadly centre was in danger ofdeath. Even at a distance the effect upon Wood was almost fatal."The multitudinous threads caused light scarlet lines upon theskin which on closer examination resolved into minute dots orpustules, each dot charged as it were with a red-hot needle making itsway through the nerves.


1.  "Ask for Pompey from Jeremy Dixon, Trinity College.
2.  "I shall just have time to tell you the facts of the case beforewe get to Lee. It seems absurdly simple, and yet somehow, I can getnothing to go upon. There's plenty of thread, no doubt, but I can'tget the end of it into my hand. Now, I'll state the case clearly andconcisely to you, Watson, and maybe you can see a spark where all isdark to me."
3.  At last we were getting something positive, and yet it seemed a longgap between an absconding banker and Captain Peter Carey pinnedagainst the wall with one of his own harpoons. We all listenedintently to the young man's words.
4.  F. M.
5.   "Oh, yes; I sent him a couple of dozen."
6.  "By Jove, it's as clear as day!" cried the colonel. "Why on earthshould two men write a letter in such a fashion?"


1.  "My bankers would answer that."
2.  "Yes; he is coming."
3.  "What is he like, this Vincent Spaulding?"
4、  "Well, if you really must know, she is an old nurse of my wife's,Rose Spender by name, whom we found in the Brixton WorkhouseInfirmary. We brought her round here, called in Dr. Horsom, of 13Firbank Villas- mind you take the address, Mr. Holmes- and had hercarefully tended, as Christian folk should. On the third day she died-certificate says senile decay- but that's only the doctor's opinion,and of course you know better. We ordered her funeral to be carriedout by Stimson and Co., of the Kennington Road, who will bury her ateight o'clock to-morrow morning. Can you pick any hole in that, Mr.Holmes? You've made a silly blunder, and you may as well own up to it.I'd give something for a photograph of your gaping, staring facewhen you pulled aside that lid expecting to see the Lady FrancesCarfax and only found a poor old woman of ninety."
5、  "Let us look at it. Halloa, halloa! What is this?"




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      "I do not know what I have done to be so severely tried," said he."Only two days ago I was a happy and prosperous man, without a care inthe world. Now I am left to a lonely and dishonoured age. One sorrowcomes close upon the heels of another. My niece, Mary, has desertedme."

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      "Let us take it link by link. There is, on the face of it, somethingunnatural about this strange and sudden friendship between the youngSpaniard and Scott Eccles. It was the former who forced the pace. Hecalled upon Eccles at the other end of London on the very day after hefirst met him, and he kept in close touch with him until he got himdown to Esher. Now, what did he want with Eccles? What could Ecclessupply? I see no charm in the man. He is not particularly intelligent-not a man likely to be congenial to a quick-witted Latin. Why, then,was he picked out from all the other people whom Garcia met asparticularly suited to his purpose? Has he any one outstandingquality? I say that he has. He is the very type of conventionalBritish respectability, and the very man as a witness to impressanother Briton. You saw yourself how neither of the inspectors dreamedof questioning his statement, extraordinary as it was.""But what was he to witness?"

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       "And she was seen walking with this very woman afterwards?""Yes. That is what Mr. Lestrade, of Scotland Yard, looks upon asso serious. It is thought that Flora decoyed my wife out and laid someterrible trap for her."

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      "You know me, then?"

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    {  "'Never,' said I.

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      "It was torn out of the dead man's hand. Why was someone so anxiousto get possession of it? Because it incriminated him. And what wouldhe do with it? Thrust it into his pocket, most likely, nevernoticing that a corner of it had been left in the grip of thecorpse. If we could get the rest of that sheet it is obvious that weshould have gone a long way towards solving the mystery.""Yes, but how can we get at the criminal's pocket before we catchthe criminal?"}

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      The Count's knotted brows gathered more heavily over his menacingeyes. "What you say only makes the matter worse. It was not youragents but your play-acting, busybody self! You admit that you havedogged me. Why?"

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       "Pray do so."

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    {  "Exactly! You will help best by doing what you are told.""Certainly, Holmes."

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      I saw nothing of my friend for the next few days, but on thefollowing Monday evening I had a short note asking me to meet him nextday at the train. From what he told me as we travelled up to Camfordall was well, the peace of the professor's house had been unruffled,and his own conduct perfectly normal. This also was the report whichwas given us by Mr. Bennett himself when he called upon us thatevening at our old quarters in the Chequers. "He heard from his Londoncorrespondent to-day. There was a letter and there was a small packet,each with the cross under the stamp which warned me not to touch them.There has been nothing else."