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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1[.k?lkju'lein]
3.Agriculture/forestry/husbandry/fishery and the service industry offer the lowest pay to new grads, at 3,347 and 3,115 yuan a month on average.
4.For once, the Lakers are in good spot and don't have to rush into anything. Take some time. See what they have. They're not making the playoffs with that defense, but that's not really the point of this season anyway.
6.7. 艾米-亚当斯 1350万美元


1.Turkey’s foreign ministry angrily rejected the EU criticism. “The EU should realise that the statement fuels extremism, such as xenophobia and anti-Turkish sentiments, because the call to refrain from excessive statements and actions that risk further exacerbating the situation is made only to Turkey, instead of the countries that caused this situation by violating diplomatic conventions and international law,” it said.
3.Benoit Battistelli, president of the EPO, said the increase in patent filings by Chinese companies reflects both their increasing expansion into Europe and the fact that China is becoming a globally innovative knowledge-based country.
4.Frances McDormand giving an outstanding central performance as a grieving mother in this darkly comic story.
6.Perhaps my favorite profile this year was Kiki Zhao’s stirring depiction of the remarkable Yu Xiuhua, now one of China’s most read poets, a woman with cerebral palsy who lived most of her 41 years on a farm, writing at a low table. She never finished high school, and says she “could write before she could read.” Now, she is invited to places like Stanford University and fends off comparisons to Emily Dickinson.


3.The clip, taken on a mobile phone, starts with the crowd singing the Frankie Valli lyrics: You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you'.
5. We will make continued progress in building a Healthy China.
6.The Meyerowitz Stories


1.自从2015年,唱作人杜阿·里帕就持续发表了一系列单曲,从最初的那首轻佻的《Be the One》(《成为你的唯一》)到最后那首大获成功的《Hotter Than Hell》(《热得过火》),这两首歌都被收录到她的首张专辑中。
4、London Business School has topped the European table for the third year running — but continental rivals lead the European schools in the individual rankings used to compile it.
5、●"President Obama Confirms He Will Refuse To Leave Office If Trump Is Elected"




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    “This could be just the beginning,” said Michael Na, a strategist in Seoul with Nomura.?“They have so many options to punish Korean businesses.”

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    James Gorman, a Times reporter, accompanied scientists who are trying to understand the genes that distinguish dogs from wolves. Humans who raise wolf puppies must spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week with them in order to socialize these puppies for scientific study. And while the pups may seem cute, they will grow to be predatory wolves, not humanity’s faithful companions. The researchers hope their work will help reveal the trigger that made some ancient wolves into the dogs we know today.

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     Tom Petty

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    {More than 70% said self-realization was the biggest motivation to start a business.

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    在被问及欧洲央行会不会采取更多行动时,朗伯德街研究(Lombard Street Research)首席欧洲经济学家达里奥·铂金斯(Dario Perkins)表示:“我不这么认为——除非全球整体经济出了问题。”}

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    No.2: Another Reason for Staying in Bed

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     The pay gap has increased to 17 per cent, with women on an average of 0,000 compared with nearly 0,000 for men.

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    {With interest rates expected to rise only slowly, commodities are likely to attract hedge funds and other speculative investors looking for juicier returns, said the bank.

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    Adriana Lima, 36, came in fourth place with earnings of .5 million, with new mother Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (.5 million) and Karlie Kloss, 25, ( million) rounding things off in sixth and seventh places, respectively.