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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You will hear me to the end, my Lord. You have seduced this younggirl; you have outraged, defiled her. Repair your crimes toward her;let her go free, and I will exact nothing else from you.""You will exact!" said Buckingham, looking at Felton with astonishment,and dwelling upon each syllable of the three words as he pronouncedthem.
2.  "By her husband, who was a nobleman of your acquaintance,"continued D'Artagnan, looking intently at Athos.
3.  Aramis, blushing in spite of himself, took the letter, whichwas in a large, coarse hand and not particular for itsorthography.
4.  Godeau, Purveyor of the Musketeers
5.  "But in order to go to London," added Porthos, "money is needed,and I have none."
6.  "To London."


1.  "Presently, presently," cried the latter, "when you haven't yourcloak on."
2.  "To a convent?" said the duke.
3.  "Well, what next?" said D'Artagnan, laughing in spite of himself."Grimaud himself, understand; and with the ten parts of Grimaud,which are not worth a ducatoon, I regained the diamond. Tell me,now, if persistence is not a virtue?"
4.  "This diamond does not come from an enemy, monsieur," repliedD'Artagnan, "it comes from the queen."
5.  "Softly, gentlemen!" said D'Artagnan, drawing his pistols fromhis belt, "you will kill nobody, if you please!"
6.  "Athos, you make me tremble!" cried D'Artagnan.


1.  "Softly, gentlemen!" said D'Artagnan, drawing his pistols fromhis belt, "you will kill nobody, if you please!"
2.  "Four conveyed him away, I don't know where--to the Bastille orFort l'Eveque. Two remained with the men in black, who rummagedevery place and took all the papers. The last two mounted guardat the door during this examination; then, when all was over,they went away, leaving the house empty and exposed.""And Porthos and Aramis?"
3.  Felton took advantage of this moment, and plunged the knife into hisside up to the handle.
4.  "Good Lord!" said D'Artagnan, who, as we have often said, never stumbledat anything. "It appears to me that we are making a great trouble of avery simple thing. In two days, and by using up two or three horses(that's nothing; I have plenty of money), I am at Bethune. I present myletter from the queen to the superior, and I bring back the deartreasure If go to seek-not into Lorraine, not into Belgium, but toParis, where she will be much better concealed, particularly while thecardinal is at L Rochelle. Well, once returned from the country, halfby the protection of her cousin, half through what we have personallydone for her, we shall obtain from the queen what we desire. Remain,then, where you are, and do not exhaust yourselves with useless fatigue.Myself and Planchet are all that such a simple expedition requires."To this Athos replied quietly: "We also have money left--for I have notyet drunk all my share of the diamond, and Porthos and Aramis have noteaten all theirs. We can therefore use up four horses as well as one.But consider, D'Artagnan," added he, in a tone so solemn that it madethe young man shudder, "consider that Bethune is a city where thecardinal has given rendezvous to a woman who, wherever she goes, bringsmisery with her. If you had only to deal with four men, D'Artagnan, Iwould allow you to go alone. You have to do with that woman! We fourwill go; and I hope to God that with our four lackeys we may be insufficient number."
5.   Grimaud was on his legs again as if by a spring. Athos thenmade him a sign to take up his basket and to walk on first.Grimaud obeyed. All that Grimaud gained by this momentarypantomime was to pass from the rear guard to the vanguard.Arrived at the bastion, the four friends turned round.More than three hundred soldiers of all kinds were assembledat the gate of the camp; and in a separate group might bedistinguished M. de Busigny, the dragoon, the Swiss, and thefourth bettor.
6.  "Yes, yes," replied D'Artagnan. "I remember now; yes, it wasabout--stop a minute--yes, it was about a woman.""That's it," replied Athos, becoming almost livid; "that is mygrand story of the fair lady, and when I relate that, I must bevery drunk."


1.  "And does he suspect," said Mme. Bonacieux, with someembarrassment, "the cause of this event?"
2.  "You know him."
3.  "To take the hundred pistoles, D'Artagnan. With the hundredpistoles we can live well to the end of the month. We haveundergone a great deal of fatigue, remember, and a little restwill do no harm."
4、  D'Artagnan and the curate appeared pleased. The Jesuit persistedin his opinion. "Beware of a profane taste in your theologicalstyle. What says Augustine on this subject: "'SEVERUS SITCLERICORUM VERBO.'"
5、  "HEIN!" said D'Artagnan, "can she have charged you to tellme so?"




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      "At least you should tell me what I should have to do in London,"replied Bonacieux, who remembered a little too late thatRochefort had desired him to endeavor to obtain his wife'ssecrets.

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      "But, my good gentleman," resumed the old man, upon whom thismute despair certainly produced a greater effect than cries andtears would have done, "do not take on so; they did not kill her,and that's a comfort."

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       "Of lofty stature."

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      "PESTE! They are three superb animals!"

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    {  This was evidently an ambuscade.

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      "Oh, I remember!" said Mme. Bonacieux, "the Comtesse de Winter."The four friends uttered one and the same cry, but that of Athosdominated all the rest.}

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      "I loved Madame Bonacieux with my heart, while I only loveMilady with my head," said he. "In getting introduced toher, my principal object is to ascertain what part she playsat court."

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      Bazin became a lay brother.

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       Porthos maintained a majestic silence.

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    {  "Rich? Richest, my dear fellow!"

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      "PARDIEU!" replied D'Artagnan, "for my part, I am eating vealgarnished with shrimps and vegetables."