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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, sir, do as you will with me;" and then she added, ina low voice, "oh, heavens, what will befall me?"
2.  One division of La Force, in which the most dangerous anddesperate prisoners are confined, is called the court ofSaint-Bernard. The prisoners, in their expressive language,have named it the "Lions' Den," probably because thecaptives possess teeth which frequently gnaw the bars, andsometimes the keepers also. It is a prison within a prison;the walls are double the thickness of the rest. The gratingsare every day carefully examined by jailers, whose herculeanproportions and cold pitiless expression prove them to havebeen chosen to reign over their subjects for their superioractivity and intelligence. The court-yard of this quarter isenclosed by enormous walls, over which the sun glancesobliquely, when it deigns to penetrate into this gulf ofmoral and physical deformity. On this paved yard are to beseen, -- pacing to and fro from morning till night, pale,careworn, and haggard, like so many shadows, -- the men whomjustice holds beneath the steel she is sharpening. There,crouched against the side of the wall which attracts andretains the most heat, they may be seen sometimes talking toone another, but more frequently alone, watching the door,which sometimes opens to call forth one from the gloomyassemblage, or to throw in another outcast from society.
3.  "How old are you? Your voice is that of a young man."
4.  Then turning to Faria -- "I inquired if you are well fed?"said he.
5.  "Will you permit me to inquire," said Madame de Villefort,as she arose to take her leave, "whether you usually residehere?"
6.  "But the father has the greatest regard possible for you,"said Monte Cristo.


1.  "Ah, yes; he told me it was you who sacrificed to the demonof speculation."
2.  "Yes. It may be worn at Via Reggio; but that costume,however elegant in itself, has long been out of fashion inParis."
3.  "Do you then regret nothing?"
4.  "Be it so," said Beauchamp; "if you must have me descend toearth, I submit; and if you will seek your enemy, I willassist you, and I will engage to find him, my honor beingalmost as deeply interested as yours."
5.  "When are you to pay?"
6.  "At once."


1.  "These are my words exactly."
2.  "You mean to say you have been freed from confinement?"
3.  "Hush!" interrupted the stranger; "I hear a noise."
4.  "I should think so, indeed! If he were to lose them" --
5.   His look wandered over the vast plain like that of somegenius of the night; he passed his hand over his brow, gotinto the carriage, the door was closed on him, and thevehicle quickly disappeared down the other side of the hillin a whirlwind of noise and dust.
6.  "I do not know particulars. I can only tell you that Madamede Villefort sent to request my presence, as she had acommunication to make on which a part of my fortunedepended. Let them take my fortune, I am already too rich;and, perhaps, when they have taken it, they will leave me inpeace and quietness. You would love me as much if I werepoor, would you not, Maximilian?"


1.  Gaetano, who had proposed the expedition, had taken all theresponsibility on himself; the four sailors fixed their eyeson him, while they got out their oars and held themselves inreadiness to row away, which, thanks to the darkness, wouldnot be difficult. As for Franz, he examined his arms withthe utmost coolness; he had two double-barrelled guns and arifle; he loaded them, looked at the priming, and waitedquietly. During this time the captain had thrown off hisvest and shirt, and secured his trousers round his waist;his feet were naked, so he had no shoes and stockings totake off; after these preparations he placed his finger onhis lips, and lowering himself noiselessly into the sea,swam towards the shore with such precaution that it wasimpossible to hear the slightest sound; he could only betraced by the phosphorescent line in his wake. This tracksoon disappeared; it was evident that he had touched theshore. Every one on board remained motionless for half anhour, when the same luminous track was again observed, andthe swimmer was soon on board. "Well?" exclaimed Franz andthe sailors in unison.
2.  "It is magnificent! I will set before him the example ofMadame de Morcerf and her son."
3.  "When will it be our turn to think of these things? Oh,Valentine, you who have so much influence over yourgrandpapa, try to make him answer -- Soon."
4、  Villefort fell on his knees. "Listen," said he; "I have notthe strength of mind you have, or rather that which youwould not have, if instead of my daughter Valentine yourdaughter Madeleine were concerned." The doctor turned pale."Doctor, every son of woman is born to suffer and to die; Iam content to suffer and to await death."
5、  "Countess G---- ."




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      "Something more terrible, more fatal, more alarming for us-- the child was, perhaps, alive, and the assassin may havesaved it!"

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      "The one between the pillars on the first tier -- it seemsto have been fitted up entirely afresh."

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       Edmond listened intently; an hour passed, two hours passed,and no sound was heard from the wall -- all was silentthere.

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      "Yes, since you have such a good memory."

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    {  "A hundred crowns."

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      "Oh," replied Morcerf, reddening slightly, "I have left theservice, monsieur. Made a peer at the Restoration, I servedthrough the first campaign under the orders of MarshalBourmont. I could, therefore, expect a higher rank, and whoknows what might have happened had the elder branch remainedon the throne? But the Revolution of July was, it seems,sufficiently glorious to allow itself to be ungrateful, andit was so for all services that did not date from theimperial period. I tendered my resignation, for when youhave gained your epaulets on the battle-field, you do notknow how to manoeuvre on the slippery grounds of the salons.I have hung up my sword, and cast myself into politics. Ihave devoted myself to industry; I study the useful arts.During the twenty years I served, I often wished to do so,but I had not the time."}

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      "Precisely so," replied Gaetano. "Ah, he is one who fearsneither God nor Satan, they say, and would at any time runfifty leagues out of his course to do a poor devil aservice."

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      "Oh, I was arranging a little surprise for you."

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       "I know it." The concierge looked upon the count withsurprise. "Sir," he cried, scarcely able to believe his goodfortune -- "sir, I cannot understand your generosity!"

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    {  "Ma foi, he has an open look about him that pleases me, inspite of the singular remark he has made about me."

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      "But," said Franz, looking round him uneasily, "where is theViscount? -- I do not see him."