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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I hope that you are satisfied now?" said Mr. Cunningham tartly."Thank you, I think I have seen all that I wished."
2.  "It would be to ruin the work of three months. We should get the bigfish, but the smaller would dart right and left out of the net. OnMonday we should have them all. No, an arrest is inadmissible.""What then?"
3.  "I assure you, my good Lestrade, that I have an excellent reason foreverything that I do. You may possibly remember that you chaffed mea little, some hours ago, when the sun seemed on your side of thehedge, so you must not grudge me a little pomp and ceremony now. MightI ask you, Watson, to open that window, and then to put a match to theedge of the straw?"
4.  His Lordship shook himself free with some impatience.
5.  "LATER.- It is rumoured as we go to press that Mr. John HectorMcFarlane has actually been arrested on the charge of the murder ofMr. Jonas Oldacre. It is at least certain that a warrant has beenissued. There have been further and sinister developments in theinvestigation at Norwood. Besides the signs of a struggle in theroom of the unfortunate builder it is now known that the Frenchwindows of his bedroom (which is on the ground floor) were found to beopen, that there were marks as if some bulky object had been draggedacross to the wood-pile, and, finally, it is asserted that charredremains have been found among the charcoal ashes of the fire. Thepolice theory is that a most sensational crime has been committed,that the victim was clubbed to death in his own bedroom, his papersrifled, and his dead body dragged across to the wood-stack, whichwas then ignited so as to hide all traces of the crime. The conduct ofthe criminal investigation has been left in the experienced hands ofInspector Lestrade, of Scotland Yard, who is following up the clueswith his accustomed energy and sagacity."
6.  "`What do you call purely nominal?'


1.  "Well, Mr. Holmes, then."
2.  "Anything else?" I asked, for Holmes was turning the pipe about inhis hand and staring at it in his peculiar pensive way.He held it up and tapped on it with his long, thin forefinger, asa professor might who was lecturing on a bone.
3.  The ground was iron hard, sir. There were no traces at all.""Then we can go. We will go up to the house first and look overthese weapons of which you speak. Then we shall get on toWinchester, for I should desire to see Miss Dunbar before we gofarther."
4.  "Have you been in it since your adventure?"
5.  "This is intolerable, sir," said I. "I came here to do you a favour-and not to be examined as if I were a schoolboy. My knowledge on thesesubjects may be second only to your own, but I certainly shall notanswer questions which have been put in, so offensive a way."He looked at me steadily. The languor had gone from his eyes. Theysuddenly glared. There was a gleam of teeth from between those cruellips.
6.  "Saddle a horse, my lad," said he. "I shall wish you to take anote to Elrige's Farm."


1.  quavering voice.
2.  "'Yes. I read the stock-exchange list every morning.'
3.  "Don't know- may be anything. But I suspect it is the sequel ofthe story of the statues. In that case our friend the image-breakerhas begun operations in another quarter of London. There's coffee onthe table, Watson, and I have a cab at the door."
4.  "Then reparation is still within your power," said Sherlock Holmes."I will do anything I can. I owe this fellow no particulargood-will. He has been my ruin and my downfall.
5.   "No, Mr. Holmes, I did not."
6.  I bathed his face in oil, put cotton wadding on the raw surfaces,and administered a hypodermic of morphia. All suspicion of me hadpassed from his mind in the presence of this shock, and he clung to myhands as if I might have the power even yet to clear those dead-fisheyes which gazed up at me. I could have wept over the ruin had I notremembered very clearly the vile life which had led up to so hideous achange. It was loathsome to feel the pawing of his burning hands,and I was relieved when his family surgeon, closely followed by aspecialist, came to relieve me of my charge. An inspector of policehad also arrived, and to him I handed my real card. It would have beenuseless as well as foolish to do otherwise, for I was nearly as wellknown by sight at the Yard as Holmes himself. Then I left that houseof gloom and terror. Within an hour I was at Baker Street.Holmes was seated in his familiar chair, looking very pale andexhausted. Apart from his injuries, even his iron nerves had beenshocked by the events of the evening, and he listened with horror tomy account of the Baron's transformation.


1.  I can assure you that you are wasting your time in dogging mymovements. I have, as you discovered last night, a window at theback of my brougham, and if you desire a twenty-mile ride which willlead you to the spot from which you started, you have only to followme. Meanwhile, I can inform you that no spying upon me can in anyway help Mr. Godfrey Staunton, and I am convinced that the bestservice you can do to that gentleman is to return at once to Londonand to report to your employer that you are unable to trace him.Your time in Cambridge will certainly be wasted.
2.  "Come again next night with a more useful tool."
3.  Holmes sank back in his chair.
4、  "So now, my dear fellow, you see exactly how we stand and why itis I want you. It is perfectly plain that after the ladies parted fromthis man he followed them at a distance, that he saw the quarrelbetween husband and wife through the window, that he rushed in, andthat the creature which he carried in his box got loose. That is allvery certain. But he is the only person in this world who can tellus exactly what happened in that room."
5、  "Exactly; the father and two sons. It's their work. I have not adoubt of it. They did a job at Sydenham a fortnight ago and wereseen and described. Rather cool to do another so soon and so near, butit is they, beyond all doubt. It's a hanging matter this time.""Sir Eustace is dead, then?"




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      "'Only that the papers were in the back drawer of the Japanesecabinet.'

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      "They've gone, Mr. Holmes. They went by the last train. The ladybroke away, and I've got her in a cab downstairs."

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       "There was such earnestness, such despair, in her manner that herwords arrested me, and I stood irresolute before the door."'I will trust you on one condition, and on one condition only,'said I at last. 'It is that this mystery comes to an end from now. Youare at liberty to preserve your secret, but you must promise me thatthere shall be no more nightly visits, no more doings which are keptfrom my knowledge. I am willing to forget those which are past ifyou will promise that there shall be no more in the future.'"'I was sure that you would trust me,' she cried with a great sighof relief. 'It shall be just as you wish. Come away-oh, come away upto the house.'

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      "But how came the window to be shut and fastened?"

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    {  "One day a gold convoy came down from Ballust to Melbourne, and welay in wait for it and attacked it. There were six troopers and six ofus, so it was a close thing, but we emptied four of their saddles atthe first volley. Three of our boys were killed, however, before wegot the swag. I put my pistol to the head of the wagon-driver, who wasthis very man McCarthy. I wish to the Lord that I had though himshot him then, but I spared him, though I saw his wicked little eyesfixed on my face, as though to remember every feature. We got awaywith the gold, became wealthy men, and made our way over to Englandwithout being suspected. There I parted from my old pals anddetermined to settle down to a quiet and respectable life. I boughtthis estate, which chanced to be in the market, and I set myself to doa little with my money, to make up for the way in which I had earnedit. I married, too, and though my wife died young she left me mydear little Alice. Even when she was just a baby her wee hand seemedto lead me down the right path as nothing else had ever done. In aword, I turned over a new leaf and did my best to make up for thepast. All was going well when McCarthy laid his grip upon me."I had gone up to town about an investment, and I met him inRegent Street with hardly a coat to his back or a boot to his foot."'Here we are, Jack,' says he, touching me on the arm; 'we'll beas good as a family to you. There's two of us, me and my son, andyou can have the keeping of us. If you don't-it's a fine,law-abiding country is England, and there's always a policemanwithin hail.'

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      "'You will get down here, Mr. Melas,' said my companion. 'I am sorryto leave you so far from your house, but there is no alternative.Any attempt upon your part to follow the carriage can only end ininjury to yourself.'}

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      Nov. 21st.

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      "'Nothing. There lies the inexplicable part of it. The message wasabsurd and trivial. Ah, my God, it is as I feared!'

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       My house is lonely. I, my old housekeeper, and my bees have theestate all to ourselves. Half a mile off, however, is HaroldStackhurst's well-known coaching establishment, The Gables, quite alarge place, which contains some score of young fellows preparingfor various professions, with a staff of several masters. Stackhursthimself was a well-known rowing Blue in his day, and an excellentall-round scholar. He and I were always friendly from the day I cameto the coast, and he was the one man who was on such terms with methat we could drop in on each other in the evenings without aninvitation.

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    {  "We can imagine that in the confusion of flight somethingprecious, something which he could not bear to part with, had beenleft behind. That would explain his persistence, would it not?""Well, what is the next step?"

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      "The head is surely clear enough and the tail we should seeto-morrow. Did you notice nothing curious about that advertisement?""I saw that the word 'plough' was misspelt."