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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, what would you have me do?" said the major.
2.  "Who, then, are you? and why, if you knew me, do you let medie?"
3.  "This time, at least, I do not deserve your thanks. It wasAli, my Nubian slave, who rendered this service to Madame deVillefort."
4.  "My dappled grays?" demanded the baroness, springing to thewindow. "'Tis indeed they!" said she. Danglars lookedabsolutely stupefied. "How very singular," cried MonteCristo with well-feigned astonishment.
5.  "She is very amiable, then, is she not?" said Albert.
6.  "Nineteen or twenty at the most."


1.  "`What right have you, any more than the rest, to ask for anexception?' -- `It is true.' -- `But never mind,' continuedCucumetto, laughing, `sooner or later your turn will come.'Carlini's teeth clinched convulsively.
2.  "A garden with two acres of land!"
3.  "The Count of Monte Cristo?"
4.  "Nearly nine years."
5.  Meanwhile, Valentine, in a sort of excitement which shecould not quite understand, had crossed Edward's roomwithout noticing some trick of the child, and through herown had reached the little staircase. She was within threesteps of the bottom; she already heard Morrel's voice, whensuddenly a cloud passed over her eyes, her stiffened footmissed the step, her hands had no power to hold thebaluster, and falling against the wall she lost her balancewholly and toppled to the floor. Morrel bounded to the door,opened it, and found Valentine stretched out at the bottomof the stairs. Quick as a flash, he raised her in his armsand placed her in a chair. Valentine opened her eyes.
6.  "Counting his treasures," replied the governor.


1.  "Was happily bought three days since."
2.  "Do you see," said Caderousse, "all my happiness is marredby one thought?"
3.  "But the ink," said Dantes; "of what did you make your ink?"
4.  "You must wait for what?" asked Caderousse.
5.   "And why was I arrested? Why was I a prisoner?"
6.  "The man at the telegraph," said he, "must either engage agardener or devote himself passionately to agriculture."Suddenly he struck against something crouching behind awheelbarrow filled with leaves; the something rose, utteringan exclamation of astonishment, and Monte Cristo foundhimself facing a man about fifty years old, who was pluckingstrawberries, which he was placing upon grape leaves. He hadtwelve leaves and about as many strawberries, which, onrising suddenly, he let fall from his hand. "You aregathering your crop, sir?" said Monte Cristo, smiling.


1.  "What has become of Danglars, the instigator, and thereforethe most guilty?"
2.  "Oh, Villefort, Villefort," murmured the count, "this scenemust often have haunted thy sleepless hours!"
3.  "No," said Morrel; "I am not mistaken. I have known him forten years, the last four of which he was in my service. Donot you recollect, I came about six weeks ago to plead forclemency, as I come to-day to plead for justice. Youreceived me very coldly. Oh, the royalists were very severewith the Bonapartists in those days."
4、  "If it be so," replied the magistrate, "rely upon everyreparation being made; meanwhile, I am the bearer of anorder of arrest, and although I most reluctantly perform thetask assigned me, it must, nevertheless, be fulfilled. Whoamong the persons here assembled answers to the name ofEdmond Dantes?" Every eye was turned towards the young manwho, spite of the agitation he could not but feel, advancedwith dignity, and said, in a firm voice, "I am he; what isyour pleasure with me?"
5、  "So that, but for this marriage, she would have been yourheir?"




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      "Brutal politics, I must confess." said Maximilian; "butdon't attach any serious importance, dear, to what yourfather said. My father was not a bit behind yours in thatsort of talk. `Why,' said he, `does not the emperor, who hasdevised so many clever and efficient modes of improving theart of war, organize a regiment of lawyers, judges and legalpractitioners, sending them in the hottest fire the enemycould maintain, and using them to save better men?' You see,my dear, that for picturesque expression and generosity ofspirit there is not much to choose between the language ofeither party. But what did M. Danglars say to this outburston the part of the procureur?"

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      Chapter 33Roman Bandits.

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       "Come, come, that is not bad!" said Lucien. "Why do you notjoin our party, my dear Beauchamp? With your talents youwould make your fortune in three or four years."

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      "Sir," said she, "that need not make you uneasy, howeverdifficult it may at first sight appear to be. I can discoverand explain to you my grandfather's thoughts, so as to putan end to all your doubts and fears on the subject. I havenow been six years with M. Noirtier, and let him tell you ifever once, during that time, he has entertained a thoughtwhich he was unable to make me understand."

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    {  "I understand; you are displeased at the silence I havepreserved on the subject. The reason of it was, that theyhad insisted on my keeping the matter a secret, and beggedme not to tell you anything of it. They did not evenacquaint me with their intentions, and I only discoveredthem by chance, that is why I have been so reserved withyou, dear grandpapa. Pray forgive me." But there was no lookcalculated to reassure her; all it seemed to say was, "It isnot only your reserve which afflicts me."

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      The envoy presented his letter of introduction, which thelatter read with English coolness, and having finished, --"I understand," said he, "perfectly."}

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      "Gone," murmured Valentine; "adieu, my sweet Haidee --adieu, my sister!"

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      "We shall see. I will no longer detain you, M. de Villefort,for you must be fatigued after so long a journey; go andrest. Of course you stopped at your father's?" A feeling offaintness came over Villefort.

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       "Perhaps he has discovered some mine," said Madame Danglars."I suppose you know he has an order for unlimited credit onthe baron's banking establishment?"

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    {  "Sire," said Villefort, "I will render a faithful report toyour majesty, but I must entreat your forgiveness if myanxiety leads to some obscurity in my language." A glance atthe king after this discreet and subtle exordium, assuredVillefort of the benignity of his august auditor, and hewent on: --

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      "Come, take them," and Monte Cristo forced the bank-notesinto his hand.