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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It is time now to proceed to the last part of thespeculation. The pope heaped attentions upon Rospigliosi andSpada, conferred upon them the insignia of the cardinalate,and induced them to arrange their affairs and take up theirresidence at Rome. Then the pope and Caesar Borgia invitedthe two cardinals to dinner. This was a matter of disputebetween the holy father and his son. Caesar thought theycould make use of one of the means which he always had readyfor his friends, that is to say, in the first place, thefamous key which was given to certain persons with therequest that they go and open a designated cupboard. Thiskey was furnished with a small iron point, -- a negligenceon the part of the locksmith. When this was pressed toeffect the opening of the cupboard, of which the lock wasdifficult, the person was pricked by this small point, anddied next day. Then there was the ring with the lion's head,which Caesar wore when he wanted to greet his friends with aclasp of the hand. The lion bit the hand thus favored, andat the end of twenty-four hours, the bite was mortal. Caesarproposed to his father, that they should either ask thecardinals to open the cupboard, or shake hands with them;but Alexander VI., replied: `Now as to the worthy cardinals,Spada and Rospigliosi, let us ask both of them to dinner,something tells me that we shall get that money back.Besides, you forget, Caesar, an indigestion declares itselfimmediately, while a prick or a bite occasions a delay of aday or two.' Caesar gave way before such cogent reasoning,and the cardinals were consequently invited to dinner.
2.  "I only wish to be alone. You will excuse me, will you not?A priest can understand a father's grief." And M. deVillefort, giving the key to d'Avrigny, again bade farewellto the strange doctor, and retired to his study, where hebegan to work. For some temperaments work is a remedy forall afflictions. As the doctors entered the street, they sawa man in a cassock standing on the threshold of the nextdoor. "This is the abbe of whom I spoke," said the doctor tod'Avrigny. D'Avrigny accosted the priest. "Sir," he said,"are you disposed to confer a great obligation on an unhappyfather who has just lost his daughter? I mean M. deVillefort, the king's attorney."
3.  "Then you know him?" almost screamed the countess. "Oh, praydo, for heaven's sake, tell us all about -- is he a vampire,or a resuscitated corpse, or what?"
4.  Chapter 24The Secret Cave.
5.  "Then he must fight."
6.  "Yes, if it isn't contrary to the rules."


1.  "That just shows the meanness of this slander. They haveallowed all this time to elapse, and then all of a suddenrake up events which have been forgotten to furnishmaterials for scandal, in order to tarnish the lustre of ourhigh position. I inherit my father's name, and I do notchoose that the shadow of disgrace should darken it. I amgoing to Beauchamp, in whose journal this paragraph appears,and I shall insist on his retracting the assertion beforetwo witnesses."
2.  Dear Hermine, -- I have just had a wonderful escape from themost imminent danger, and I owe my safety to the very Countof Monte Cristo we were talking about yesterday, but whom Ilittle expected to see to-day. I remember how unmercifully Ilaughed at what I considered your eulogistic and exaggeratedpraises of him; but I have now ample cause to admit thatyour enthusiastic description of this wonderful man fell farshort of his merits. Your horses got as far as Ranelagh,when they darted forward like mad things, and galloped awayat so fearful a rate, that there seemed no other prospectfor myself and my poor Edward but that of being dashed topieces against the first object that impeded their progress,when a strange-looking man, -- an Arab, a negro, or aNubian, at least a black of some nation or other -- at asignal from the count, whose domestic he is, suddenly seizedand stopped the infuriated animals, even at the risk ofbeing trampled to death himself; and certainly he must havehad a most wonderful escape. The count then hastened to us,and took us into his house, where he speedily recalled mypoor Edward to life. He sent us home in his own carriage.Yours will be returned to you to-morrow. You will find yourhorses in bad condition, from the results of this accident;they seem thoroughly stupefied, as if sulky and vexed athaving been conquered by man. The count, however, hiscommissioned me to assure you that two or three days' rest,with plenty of barley for their sole food during that time,will bring them back to as fine, that is as terrifying, acondition as they were in yesterday. Adieu! I cannot returnyou many thanks for the drive of yesterday; but, after all,I ought not to blame you for the misconduct of your horses,more especially as it procured me the pleasure of anintroduction to the Count of Monte Cristo, -- and certainlythat illustrious personage, apart from the millions he issaid to be so very anxious to dispose of, seemed to me oneof those curiously interesting problems I, for one, delightin solving at any risk, even if it were to necessitateanother drive to the Bois behind your horses. Edward enduredthe accident with miraculous courage -- he did not utter asingle cry, but fell lifeless into my arms; nor did a tearfall from his eyes after it was over. I doubt not you willconsider these praises the result of blind maternalaffection, but there is a soul of iron in that delicate,fragile body. Valentine sends many affectionate remembrancesto your dear Eugenie. I embrace you with all my heart.
3.  "Sir," said Albert, at first with a tremulous voice, butwhich gradually because firmer, "I reproached you withexposing the conduct of M. de Morcerf in Epirus, for guiltyas I knew he was, I thought you had no right to punish him;but I have since learned that you had that right. It is notFernand Mondego's treachery towards Ali Pasha which inducesme so readily to excuse you, but the treachery of thefisherman Fernand towards you, and the almost unheard-ofmiseries which were its consequences; and I say, andproclaim it publicly, that you were justified in revengingyourself on my father, and I, his son, thank you for notusing greater severity."
4.  "What excessive nonsense you talk, Maximilian!"
5.  "Doubtless I may, but" --
6.  "But then he had the woman he loved still remaining?"


1.  "The fact is, Maximilian, that I was there, and my presencehad the effect of rendering you unjust in your comparison."
2.  "And besides," said the countess, "accustomed as he is toburning climates, possibly he does not feel the heat as wedo."
3.  "I will run for it, sir;" and the guide went out. Then thecount knelt down by the side of the bed, which death hadconverted into an altar. "Oh, second father," he exclaimed,"thou who hast given me liberty, knowledge, riches; thouwho, like beings of a superior order to ourselves, couldstunderstand the science of good and evil; if in the depths ofthe tomb there still remain something within us which canrespond to the voice of those who are left on earth; ifafter death the soul ever revisit the places where we havelived and suffered, -- then, noble heart, sublime soul, thenI conjure thee by the paternal love thou didst bear me, bythe filial obedience I vowed to thee, grant me some sign,some revelation! Remove from me the remains of doubt, which,if it change not to conviction, must become remorse!" Thecount bowed his head, and clasped his hands together.
4.  "He is cold," said Debray.
5.   "Let them all be taken away and changed, then, with theexception of the sleeping-chamber which is hung with reddamask; you will leave that exactly as it is." Bertucciobowed. "You will not touch the garden either; as to theyard, you may do what you please with it; I should preferthat being altered beyond all recognition."
6.  "Why so?"


1.  "Why so? In life, our greatest preoccupation is death; is itnot then, curious to study the different ways by which thesoul and body can part; and how, according to theirdifferent characters, temperaments, and even the differentcustoms of their countries, different persons bear thetransition from life to death, from existence toannihilation? As for myself, I can assure you of one thing,-- the more men you see die, the easier it becomes to dieyourself; and in my opinion, death may be a torture, but itis not an expiation."
2.  "Yes, it is indeed he. Five millions -- a pretty sum, eh,Peppino?"
3.  "Only seventeen months," replied Dantes. "Oh, you do notknow what is seventeen months in prison! -- seventeen agesrather, especially to a man who, like me, had arrived at thesummit of his ambition -- to a man, who, like me, was on thepoint of marrying a woman he adored, who saw an honorablecareer opened before him, and who loses all in an instant --who sees his prospects destroyed, and is ignorant of thefate of his affianced wife, and whether his aged father bestill living! Seventeen months captivity to a sailoraccustomed to the boundless ocean, is a worse punishmentthan human crime ever merited. Have pity on me, then, andask for me, not intelligence, but a trial; not pardon, but averdict -- a trial, sir, I ask only for a trial; that,surely, cannot be denied to one who is accused!"
4、  "Wait," said Caderousse, "we shall see." He then took thegreat-coat with the large collar, which the groom had leftbehind in the tilbury, and put it on his back; then he tookoff Cavalcanti's hat, which he placed upon his own head, andfinally he assumed the careless attitude of a servant whosemaster drives himself.
5、  "You can speak before me," said Franz; "I am a friend of thecount's."




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      "To me?"

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      "Certainly; and I also know that we have done all that humanmeans afforded to endeavor to get one."

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       "Go there?" murmured Julie.

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    {  "Yes," replied M. de Boville; "I myself had occasion to seethis man in 1816 or 1817, and we could only go into hisdungeon with a file of soldiers. That man made a deepimpression on me; I shall never forget his countenance!" TheEnglishman smiled imperceptibly.

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      "Valentine reposes within the walls of Paris, and to leaveParis is like losing her a second time."}

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      Albert seized them with a convulsive hand, tore them inpieces, and trembling lest the least vestige should escapeand one day appear to confront him, he approached thewax-light, always kept burning for cigars, and burned everyfragment. "Dear, excellent friend," murmured Albert, stillburning the papers.

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      "Ah, true," said Monte Cristo "there is a postscript."

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    {  "Then all he has got to do is to endeavor to repair it."

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      "What day do you fix?" asked the president.