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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  He was nearing his last hundred dollars.
2.  Carrie heard this with genuine sorrow. She had enjoyed Mrs.Vance's companionship so much. There was no one else in thehouse whom she knew. Again she would be all alone.
3.  As rent day approached, an idea grew in him. It was fostered bythe demands of creditors and the impossibility of holding up manymore. Twenty-eight dollars was too much for rent. "It's hard onher," he thought. "We could get a cheaper place."
4.  "What put that idea in your head?"
5.  "You don't say so," would be the reply.
6.  Drouet mused for a moment. He had not been sure until now thatthe ex-manager was not an influential figure in the background.He imagined not; but this assurance relieved him. It must bethat Carrie had got rid of him--as well she ought, he thought."A man always makes a mistake when he does anything like that,"he observed.


1.  "All right," replied Hurstwood, sitting down in silence. He wassick of the grind of this thing.
2.  "Her beauty, her wit, her accomplishments, she may sell to you;but her love is the treasure without money and without price."
3.  "That's the way most girls begin," he went on, "who go on thestage. It's a good way to get experience."
4.  "Don't you bother about those people out there," he said atparting. "I'll help you."
5.  "Where can I go?"
6.  She reached in her purse and took out one of the bills. The womanasked if she would wear the coat and went off. In a few minutesshe was back and the purchase was closed.


1.  Thus, after a few more preliminaries, this visiting acquaintancewas well launched, and in the young Mrs. Vance Carrie found anagreeable companion.
2.  He walked on with her, elated beyond words, so delightful hadbeen the result. He impressed a long story of joy and affectionupon her, though there was but here and there a word. After ahalf-hour he began to realise that the meeting must come to anend, so exacting is the world.
3.  It was with weak knees and a slight catch in her breathing thatshe came up to the great shoe company at Adams and Fifth Avenueand entered the elevator. When she stepped out on the fourthfloor there was no one at hand, only great aisles of boxes piledto the ceiling. She stood, very much frightened, awaiting someone.
4.  "Nothing," she answered, a little drearily.
5.   "It's a miserable day out," was all he said. Then he took offhis coat and changed his shoes.
6.  Such feelings as were generated in Carrie by this walk put her inan exceedingly receptive mood for the pathos which followed inthe play. The actor whom they had gone to see had achieved hispopularity by presenting a mellow type of comedy, in whichsufficient sorrow was introduced to lend contrast and relief tohumour. For Carrie, as we well know, the stage had a greatattraction. She had never forgotten her one histrionicachievement in Chicago. It dwelt in her mind and occupied herconsciousness during many long afternoons in which her rocking-chair and her latest novel contributed the only pleasures of herstate. Never could she witness a play without having her ownability vividly brought to consciousness. Some scenes made herlong to be a part of them--to give expression to the feelingswhich she, in the place of the character represented, would feel.Almost invariably she would carry the vivid imaginations awaywith her and brood over them the next day alone. She lived asmuch in these things as in the realities which made up her dailylife.


1.  "No," he said, in his sanest moments, "I can't do it. I'll getsomething else and save up."
2.  "No," said Carrie, "I can't. You've been so kind, but you'llhave to excuse me."
3.  "All right," he said, brightening.
4、  "Not much of a place to sleep in, is it?" said the man.
5、  The next night, walking to the theatre, she encountered him faceto face. He was waiting, more gaunt than ever, determined to seeher, if he had to send in word. At first she did not recognisethe shabby, baggy figure. He frightened her, edging so close, aseemingly hungry stranger.




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      "Wife here?"

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      "Come down, pardner, and be a man. Don't fight the poor. Leavethat to the corporations."

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       He wondered at this, not knowing the pathetic figure he hadbecome in her eyes. She restrained herself with difficulty fromshowing a quaver in her voice.

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      "Yes," returned Carrie.

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    {  "I'm going to quit this," she heard her remark to her neighbour."What with the stipend and being up late, it's too much for mehealth."

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      "Why, how are all the folks at home?" she began; "how is father,and mother?"}

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      She tried to answer, but he turned away and shuffled off towardthe east.

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      The man explained the hours.

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       On Saturday she paid another four dollars and pocketed her fiftycents in despair. The speaking acquaintanceship which she formedwith some of the girls at the shop discovered to her the factthat they had more of their earnings to use for themselves thanshe did. They had young men of the kind whom she, since herexperience with Drouet, felt above, who took them about. Shecame to thoroughly dislike the light-headed young fellows of theshop. Not one of them had a show of refinement. She saw onlytheir workday side.

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    {  In a day or two he was up again, but rough weather holding, hestayed in. The Italian newsdealer now delivered the morningpapers, and these he read assiduously. A few times after that heventured out, but meeting another of his old-time friends, hebegan to feel uneasy sitting about hotel corridors.

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      All the time she was conscious of certain features out of theside of her eye. Flush, colourful cheeks, a light moustache, agrey fedora hat. She now turned and looked upon him in full, theinstincts of self-protection and coquetry mingling confusedly inher brain.