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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes," said Milady. "The idea was not that of a Christian, Iknew; but without doubt, that eternal enemy of our souls, thatlion roaring constantly around us, breathed it into my mind. Inshort, what shall I say to you, Felton?" continued Milady, in thetone of a woman accusing herself of a crime. "This idea occurredto me, and did not leave me; it is of this homicidal thought thatI now bear the punishment."
2.  "Exactly so."
3.  Felton only expressed, with regard to the duke, the feeling ofexecration which all the English had declared toward him whom theCatholics themselves called the extortioner, the pillager, thedebauchee, and whom the Puritans styled simply Satan."Oh, my God, my God!" cried Milady; "when I supplicate thee topour upon this man the chastisement which is his due, thouknowest it is not my own vengeance I pursue, but the deliveranceof a whole nation that I implore!"
4.  "And I keep my word. Your hand, madame, your hand, and Idepart!"
5.  "Oh, I remember," said D'Artagnan. "Well, I will go toEngland a second time; I will go and find Buckingham.""You shall not do that, D'Artagnan," said Athos, coolly."And why not? Have I not been there once?"
6.  "I depend upon your word."


1.  "The second night the door opened; I was lying on the floor, formy strength began to abandon me.
2.  "After supper I exhibited the same marks of languor as on thepreceding evening; but this time, as I yielded to fatigue, or asif I had become familiarized with danger, I dragged myself towardmy bed, let my robe fall, and lay down.
3.  "Here, in an hour. Oh, you are so kind, and I am so grateful!""How can I avoid interesting myself for one who is so beautiful and soamiable? Are you not the beloved of one of my best friends?""Dear D'Artagnan! Oh, how he will thank you!"
4.  At midnight great cries and loud acclamations were heard. It wasthe king, who was passing through the streets which led from theLouvre to the Hotel de Ville, and which were all illuminated withcolored lanterns.
5.  "Do you know the numbers?"
6.  "Were the accomplices of Ravaillac or of Jacques Clementever known?"


1.  Milady and Rochefort exchanged a smile and separated. An hour afterwardRochefort set out at a grand gallop; five hours after that he passedthrough Arras.
2.  "If there is a third shot," said he to himself, "I am a lostman."
3.  "You will hear me to the end, my Lord. You have seduced this younggirl; you have outraged, defiled her. Repair your crimes toward her;let her go free, and I will exact nothing else from you.""You will exact!" said Buckingham, looking at Felton with astonishment,and dwelling upon each syllable of the three words as he pronouncedthem.
4.  "By my faith, I ask no better," cried Bonacieux; "I shall not besorry to see the face of an acquaintance."
5.   "What?"
6.  "Was that affair hot?"


1.  The cavalier laughed aloud, which appeared to exasperateMilady still more.
2.  He found Athos reclining upon a large sofa, where he waswaiting, as he said, for his outfit to come and find him.He related to Athos all that had passed, except the letterto M. de Wardes.
3.  "Stop a minute; you don't know all yet. I should make anexcellent gambler if I were not too hot-headed; but I was hot-headed, just as if I had been drinking. Well, I was not hot-headed then--"
4、  "Constance."
5、  "So you renounce the world, then, forever; that is a settledthing-a resolution registered!"




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      "And me, too!" said Aramis.

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      "Pardieu!" cried D'Artagnan, "you could not have arrived inbetter time; the dinner cannot have had time to get cold!Can it, gentlemen?" added the young man, turning to the twoGuards, whom he introduced to his friends.

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       "PARBLEU! Indeed I do," said Athos; "I not only approve of whathe has done, but I congratulate him upon it."

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      "Oh, more than I can say, Kitty! I am mad for her!"Kitty breathed a second sigh.

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    {  "HEIN!" said D'Artagnan, "can she have charged you to tellme so?"

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      D'Artagnan took off his hat, and could not be persuaded to make use ofhis cloak. He found pleasure in feeling the water trickle over hisburning brow and over his body, agitated by feverish shudders.The moment the little troop passed Goskal and were approaching the Port,a man sheltered beneath a tree detached himself from the trunk withwhich he had been confounded in the darkness, and advanced into themiddle of the road, putting his finger on his lips.Athos recognized Grimaud.}

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      The young man departed, laughing at the joke, which he thought healone could comprehend.

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      "Well, what did he say then?"

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       "Oh, a day and night soon pass away. Let us return to the objectthat brings me here."

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    {  "It is that your Majesty will make him come here, willinterrogate him yourself, TETE-A-TETE, without witnesses, andthat I shall see your Majesty as soon as you have seen the duke.""What, then! You will bind yourself," cried the king, "by whatMonsieur de la Tremouille shall say?"

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      Milady let one of those looks fall upon him which make a slave ofa king.