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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Did you see anyone?"
2.  "Dear me! I must have a look at the matter."
3.  "Nothing."
4.  "The clerk Gorot has been shadowed all these nine weeks, but withoutresult. We can show nothing against him."
5.  "We have an inspector who makes a specialty of Saffron Hill andthe Italian Quarter. Well, this dead man had some Catholic emblemround his neck, and that, along with his colour, made me think hewas from the South. Inspector Hill knew him the moment he caught sightof him. His name is Pietro Venucci, from Naples, and he is one ofthe greatest cut-throats in London. He is connected with the Mafia,which, as you know, is a secret political society, enforcing itsdecrees by murder. Now, you see how the affair begins to clear up. Theother fellow is probably an Italian also, and a member of the Mafia.He has broken the rules in some fashion. Pietro is set upon his track.Probably the photograph we found in his pocket is the man himself,so that he may not knife the wrong person. He dogs the fellow, he seeshim enter a house, he waits outside for him, and in the scuffle hereceives his own death-wound. How is that, Mr. Sherlock Holmes?"Holmes clapped his hands approvingly.
6.  "It's perfectly absurd, Mr. Holmes," he said. "What can this manpossibly know of what has occurred? It is waste of time and money.""He would not have telegraphed to you if he did not knowsomething. Wire at once that you are coming."


1.  "You had my note, Mr. Holmes?"
2.  "We had no clue in the Acton affair. But here we have plenty to goon, and there's no doubt it is the same party in each case. The manwas seen."
3.  "The Vicarage.
4.  "'Ah, very well; then that quite settles the matter. It is a pity,because in other respects you would really have done very nicely. Inthat case, Miss Stoper, I had best inspect a few more of your youngladies.'
5.  "I reported to that effect to the Admiralty. But to-day I havebeen over the drawings again, and I am not so sure of it. The doublevalves with the automatic self-adjusting slots are drawn in one of thepapers which have been returned. Until the foreigners had inventedthat for themselves they could not make the boat. Of course they mightsoon get over the difficulty."
6.  "The two McCarthys were seen after the time when William Crowder,the game-keeper, lost sight of them. The Boscombe Pool is thicklywooded round, with just a fringe of grass and of reeds round the edge.A girl of fourteen, Patience Moran, who is the daughter of thelodge-keeper of the Boscombe Valley estate, was in one of the woodspicking flowers. She states that while she was there she saw, at theborder of the wood and close by the lake, Mr. McCarthy and his son,and that they appeared to be having a violent quarrel. She heard Mr.McCarthy the elder using very strong language to his son, and shesaw the latter raise up his hand as if to strike his father. She wasso frightened by their violence that she ran away and told hermother when she reached home that she had left the two McCarthysquarrelling near Boscombe Pool, and that she was afraid that they weregoing to fight. She had hardly said the words when young Mr.McCarthy came running up to the lodge to say that he had found hisfather dead in the wood, and to ask for the help of thelodge-keeper. He was much excited, without either his gun or hishat, and his right hand and sleeve were observed to be stained withfresh blood. On following him they found the dead body stretched outupon the grass beside the pool. The head had been beaten in byrepeated blows of some heavy and blunt weapon. The injuries weresuch as might very well have been inflicted by the butt-end of hisson's gun, which was found lying on the grass within a few paces ofthe body. Under these circumstances the young man was instantlyarrested, and a verdict of 'wilful murder' having been returned at theinquest on Tuesday, he was on Wednesday brought before the magistratesat Ross, who have referred the case to the next Assizes. Those are themain facts of the case as they came out before the coroner and thepolice-court."


1.  "But why didn't the police see this mark yesterday?"
2.  Sherlock Holmes sat up with a whistle. "By Jove, Peterson!"said he, "this is treasure trove indeed. I suppose you know whatyou have got?"
3.  "A masterpiece. You have never risen to a greater height.""I cannot agree with you there. From the moment that I conceived theidea of the body being upon the roof, which surely was not a veryabstruse one, all the rest was inevitable. If it were not for thegrave interests involved the affair up to this point would beinsignificant. Our difficulties are still before us. But perhaps wemay find something here which may help us."
4.  "Then it is you who sent me a telegram. My name is Lord Mount-James.I came round as quickly as the Bayswater bus would bring me. So youhave instructed a detective?"
5.   "Of course you are. You'll know all about it presently. Jump uphere. All right, John; we shall not need you. Here's half a crown.Look out for me to-morrow, about eleven. Give her head. So long,then!"
6.  "I cannot, and I will not, believe it!" cried the banker with anashen face.


1.  "But you said- why, surely this might be the missing link. How do weknow that there is not something of value there?"
2.  "And why did you wish to see me?" He looked across at my companionwith despair in his weary eyes, as though his question was alreadyanswered.
3.  "Do not ring, Lady Hilda. If you do, then all my earnest effortsto avoid a scandal will be frustrated. Give up the letter and all willbe set right. If you will work with me I can arrange everything. Ifyou work against me I must expose you."
4、  That is clear and concise."
5、  "How can I tell you where it is now? It's more than a year since Ileft him. I know where he kept it then. He's a precise, tidy cat ofa man in many of his ways, so maybe it is still in the pigeon-holeof the old bureau in the inner study. Do you know his house?""I've been in the study," said Holmes.




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      "Well, that gives us a limit. Our lady enters this room, and whatdoes she do? She goes over to the writing-table. What for? Not foranything in the drawers. If there had been anything worth hertaking, it would surely have been locked up. No, it was forsomething in that wooden bureau. Halloa! what is that scratch upon theface of it? Just hold a match, Watson. Why did you not tell me ofthis, Hopkins?"

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      Please come out at once. Client's house burgled in the night. Policein possession.

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       "The string was of the quality which is used by sailmakers aboardship, and at once a whiff of the sea was perceptible in ourinvestigation. When I observed that the knot was one which ispopular with sailors, that the parcel had been posted at a port, andthat the male ear was pierced for an earring which is so much morecommon among sailors than landsmen, I was quite certain that an theactors in the tragedy were to be found among our seafaring classes."When I came to examine the address of the packet I observed that itwas to Miss S. Cushing. Now, the oldest sister would, of course, beMiss Cushing, and although her initial was 'S' it might belong toone of the others as well. In that case we should have to commence ourinvestigation from a fresh basis altogether. I therefore went into thehouse with the intention of clearing up this point. I was about toassure Miss Cushing that I was convinced that a mistake had beenmade when you may remember that I came suddenly to a stop. The factwas that I had just seen something which filled me with surprise andat the same time narrowed the field of our inquiry immensely."As a medical man, you are aware, Watson, that there is no part ofthe body which varies so much as the human ear. Each ear is as arule quite distinctive and differs from all other ones. In lastyears Anthropological Journal you will find two short monographsfrom my pen upon the subject. I had, therefore, examined the ears inthe box with the eyes of an expert and had carefully noted theiranatomical peculiarities. Imagine my surprise, then, when on lookingat Miss Cushing I perceived that her ear corresponded exactly with thefemale ear which I had just inspected. The matter was entirelybeyond coincidence. There was the same shortening of the pinna, thesame broad curve of the upper lobe, the same convolution of theinner cartilage. In all essentials it was the same ear."Of course I at once saw the enormous importance of the observation.It was evident that the victim was a blood relation, and probably avery close one. I began to talk to her about her family, and youremember that she at once gave us some exceedingly valuable details."In the first place, her sisters name was Sarah, and her address haduntil recently been the same, so that it was quite obvious how themistake had occurred and for whom the packet was meant. Then weheard of this steward, married to the third sister, and learned thathe had at one time been so intimate with Miss Sarah that she hadactually gone up to Liverpool to be near the Browners, but a quarrelhad afterwards divided them. This quarrel had put a stop to allcommunications for some months, so that if Browner had occasion toaddress a packet to Miss Sarah, he would undoubtedly have done so toher old address.

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      It was just four o'clock when we reached the curious apartment ofNathan Garrideb. Mrs. Saunders, the caretaker, was about to leave, butshe had no hesitation in admitting us, for the door shut with a springlock, and Holmes promised to see that all was safe before we left.Shortly afterwards the outer door closed, her bonnet passed the bowwindow, and we knew that we were alone in the lower floor of thehouse. Holmes made a rapid examination of the premises. There wasone cupboard in a dark corner which stood out a little from thewall. It was behind this that we eventually crouched while Holmes in awhisper outlined his intentions.

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    {  He was incoherent in his agitation. Holmes soothed him with a fewwords and thrust him into an armchair.

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      "`Dear me!' he said gravely, `that is very serious indeed! Iam sorry to hear you say that. The fund was, of course, for thepropagation and spread of the red-heads as well as for theirmaintenance. It is exceedingly unfortunate that you should be abachelor.'}

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      "It is nothing, Mr. Garrideb. I have figured out our connections.You leave at twelve and should be there soon after two. Then you canbe back the same night. All you have to do is to see this man, explainthe matter, and get an affidavit of his existence. By the Lord!" headded hotly, "considering I've come all the way from the centre ofAmerica, it is surely little enough if you go a hundred miles in orderto put this matter through."

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      "Well, you will be surprised to hear that there is no stain on thewhite woodwork to correspond."

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       "Well, I've a conscience, sir, and when I chanced to see you go intothis house, as I came hobbling after you, I thought to myself, I'lljust step in and see that kind gentleman, and tell him that if I was abit gruff in my manner there was not any harm meant, and that I ammuch obliged to him for picking up my books."

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    {  "This went on day after day, Mr. Holmes, and on Saturday themanager came in and planked down four golden sovereigns for myweek's work. It was the same next week, and the same the weekafter. Every morning I was there at ten, and every afternoon Ileft at two. By degrees Mr. Duncan Ross took to coming in onlyonce of a morning, and then, after a time, he did not come in atall. Still, of course, I never dared to leave the room for aninstant, for I was not sure when he might come, and the billet wassuch a good one, and suited me so well, that I would not risk theloss of it.

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      It was a bitter night, so we drew on our ulsters and wrappedcravats about our throats. Outside, the stars were shining coldlyin a cloudless sky, and the breath of the passers-by blew out intosmoke like so many pistol shots. Our footfalls rang out crisplyand loudly as we swung through the doctors' quarter, WimpoleStreet, Harley Street, and so through Wigmore Street into OxfordStreet. In a quarter of an hour we were in Bloomsbury at theAlpha Inn, which is a small public-house at the corner of one ofthe streets which runs down into Holborn. Holmes pushed open thedoor of the private bar and ordered two glasses of beer from theruddy-faced, white-aproned landlord.