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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Did I hear rightly, monsieur," said Monte Cristo "that youserved at Yanina?"
2.  "Alas, do you not know?"
3.  "But who, then, is this assassin, this murderer?"
4.  "Where is this lemonade?" asked the doctor eagerly.
5.  "Oh, I entreat you," exclaimed Morrel in a low voice, "donot speak another word, count; do not prolong mypunishment." The count fancied that he was yielding, andthis belief revived the horrible doubt that had overwhelmedhim at the Chateau d'If. "I am endeavoring," he thought, "tomake this man happy; I look upon this restitution as aweight thrown into the scale to balance the evil I havewrought. Now, supposing I am deceived, supposing this manhas not been unhappy enough to merit happiness. Alas, whatwould become of me who can only atone for evil by doinggood?" Then he said aloud: "Listen, Morrel, I see your griefis great, but still you do not like to risk your soul."Morrel smiled sadly. "Count," he said, "I swear to you mysoul is no longer my own."
6.  "Ground arms," exclaimed the chief, with an imperative signof the hand, while with the other he took off his hatrespectfully; then, turning to the singular personage whohad caused this scene, he said, "Your pardon, yourexcellency, but I was so far from expecting the honor of avisit, that I did not really recognize you."


1.  "What grottos?"
2.  "Well," said the president; "your name?"
3.  "I quite agree with you," said Morcerf; "and the secret ofthat very pallor is what we want to find out. The CountessG---- insists upon it that he is a vampire."
4.  "I am ready, my son," said Mercedes. Albert ran to fetch acarriage. He recollected that there was a small furnishedhouse to let in the Rue de Saints Peres, where his motherwould find a humble but decent lodging, and thither heintended conducting the countess. As the carriage stopped atthe door, and Albert was alighting, a man approached andgave him a letter. Albert recognized the bearer. "From thecount," said Bertuccio. Albert took the letter, opened, andread it, then looked round for Bertuccio, but he was gone.He returned to Mercedes with tears in his eyes and heavingbreast, and without uttering a word he gave her the letter.Mercedes read: --
5.  "Exactly, my daughter; that is precisely what I mean," saidDanglars, almost digging his nails into his breast, while hepreserved on his harsh features the smile of the heartlessthough clever man; "ruined -- yes, that is it."
6.  "Andrea, the murderer!" cried one of the ladies.


1.  "How could I make such a proposition, especially to a womanwho always professes to be so entirely disinterested?"
2.  "Do this, and you will have nectarines and all the rest."The shot told; red with fever, while the large drops fellfrom his brow, the man executed, one after the other, thethree signs given by the count, in spite of the frightfulcontortions of the right-hand correspondent, who, notunderstanding the change, began to think the gardener hadgone mad. As to the left-hand one, he conscientiouslyrepeated the same signals, which were finally transmitted tothe Minister of the Interior. "Now you are rich," said MonteCristo.
3.  "I did not mention that, because the signature seemed to meso strange."
4.  "It seems, then, reserved for me," said Monte Cristo coldly,"to be the first to do so."
5.   "At me?"
6.  "No, you are right -- and I should say that would bring himill-luck."


1.  "Oh, no, no," said the general, smiling faintly, "I did notcome for that purpose; you are right. I came to tell youthat I also look upon you as my enemy. I came to tell youthat I hate you instinctively; that it seems as if I hadalways known you, and always hated you; and, in short, sincethe young people of the present day will not fight, itremains for us to do so. Do you think so, sir?"
2.  "You see," said Danglars, addressing Caderousse, "the turnthings have taken. Do you still feel any desire to stand upin his defence?"
3.  "Will your excellency deign to open it?" said the delightedBertuccio, "and you will find gloves in it." Elsewhere thecount found everything he required -- smelling-bottles,cigars, knick-knacks.
4、  "His father."
5、  "It was very boldly written, if disguised."




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      "Before or after, whichever you please."

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      "Yes, my dear count, I heard it; and the doctor added thatif another death occurred in a similar way he must appeal tojustice." Monte Cristo listened, or appeared to do so, withthe greatest calmness. "Well," said Maximilian, "death camea third time, and neither the master of the house nor thedoctor said a word. Death is now, perhaps, striking a fourthblow. Count, what am I bound to do, being in possession ofthis secret?"

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       "Yes," resolutely replied Noirtier. Morrel suffered anexclamation of horror and surprise to escape him. "Oh, sir,"said Villefort, arresting Maximilian by the arm, "if myfather, the inflexible man, makes this request, it isbecause he knows, be assured, that Valentine will beterribly revenged. Is it not so, father?" The old man made asign in the affirmative. Villefort continued: "He knows me,and I have pledged my word to him. Rest assured, gentlemen,that within three days, in a less time than justice woulddemand, the revenge I shall have taken for the murder of mychild will be such as to make the boldest heart tremble;"and as he spoke these words he ground his teeth, and graspedthe old man's senseless hand.

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      "Why, how could you make such a mistake -- such an oldstager?"

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    {  "`Here is a ring that will obtain audience of him, andremove every difficulty,' said the captain. At these wordshe gave me a ring. It was time -- two hours after he wasdelirious; the next day he died."

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      "Moliere or Beaumarchais would reply to you, madame, that itwas precisely because I was not, that I had cured mypatients; for myself, I am content to say to you that I havestudied chemistry and the natural sciences somewhat deeply,but still only as an amateur, you understand." -- At thismoment the clock struck six. "It is six o'clock," saidMadame de Villefort, evidently agitated. "Valentine, willyou not go and see if your grandpapa will have his dinner?"Valentine rose, and saluting the count, left the apartmentwithout speaking.}

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      These last consisted of all the young people whomValentine's death had struck like a thunderbolt, and who,notwithstanding the raw chilliness of the season, could notrefrain from paying a last tribute to the memory of thebeautiful, chaste, and adorable girl, thus cut off in theflower of her youth. As they left Paris, an equipage withfour horses, at full speed, was seen to draw up suddenly; itcontained Monte Cristo. The count left the carriage andmingled in the crowd who followed on foot. Chateau-Renaudperceived him and immediately alighting from his coupe,joined him.

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       The abbe sank upon Edmond's bed. while Edmond himselfremained standing. Escape had never once occurred to him.There are, indeed, some things which appear so impossiblethat the mind does not dwell on them for an instant. Toundermine the ground for fifty feet -- to devote three yearsto a labor which, if successful, would conduct you to aprecipice overhanging the sea -- to plunge into the wavesfrom the height of fifty, sixty, perhaps a hundred feet, atthe risk of being dashed to pieces against the rocks, shouldyou have been fortunate enough to have escaped the fire ofthe sentinels; and even, supposing all these perils past,then to have to swim for your life a distance of at leastthree miles ere you could reach the shore -- weredifficulties so startling and formidable that Dantes hadnever even dreamed of such a scheme, resigning himselfrather to death. But the sight of an old man clinging tolife with so desperate a courage, gave a fresh turn to hisideas, and inspired him with new courage. Another, older andless strong than he, had attempted what he had not hadsufficient resolution to undertake, and had failed onlybecause of an error in calculation. This same person, withalmost incredible patience and perseverance, had contrivedto provide himself with tools requisite for so unparalleledan attempt. Another had done all this; why, then, was itimpossible to Dantes? Faria had dug his way through fiftyfeet, Dantes would dig a hundred; Faria, at the age offifty, had devoted three years to the task; he, who was buthalf as old, would sacrifice six; Faria, a priest andsavant, had not shrunk from the idea of risking his life bytrying to swim a distance of three miles to one of theislands -- Daume, Rattonneau, or Lemaire; should a hardysailer, an experienced diver, like himself, shrink from asimilar task; should he, who had so often for mereamusement's sake plunged to the bottom of the sea to fetchup the bright coral branch, hesitate to entertain the sameproject? He could do it in an hour, and how many times hadhe, for pure pastime, continued in the water for more thantwice as long! At once Dantes resolved to follow the braveexample of his energetic companion, and to remember thatwhat has once been done may be done again.

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    {  "I, your excellency?"

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      "What do you mean?"