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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What shall we do?"
2.  "Oh, this is very interesting," said Debray; "if therereally has been a crime, we will investigate it."
3.  "What? Did the Romans eat them?" said the gardener -- "atedormice?"
4.  The carriage entered by the Porto del Popolo, turned to theleft, and stopped at the Hotel d'Espagne. Old Pastrini, ourformer acquaintance, received the traveller at the door, hatin hand. The traveller alighted, ordered a good dinner, andinquired the address of the house of Thomson & French, whichwas immediately given to him, as it was one of the mostcelebrated in Rome. It was situated in the Via dei Banchi,near St. Peter's. In Rome, as everywhere else, the arrivalof a post-chaise is an event. Ten young descendants ofMarius and the Gracchi, barefooted and out at elbows, withone hand resting on the hip and the other gracefully curvedabove the head, stared at the traveller, the post-chaise,and the horses; to these were added about fifty littlevagabonds from the Papal States, who earned a pittance bydiving into the Tiber at high water from the bridge of St.Angelo. Now, as these street Arabs of Rome, more fortunatethan those of Paris, understand every language, moreespecially the French, they heard the traveller order anapartment, a dinner, and finally inquire the way to thehouse of Thomson & French. The result was that when thenew-comer left the hotel with the cicerone, a man detachedhimself from the rest of the idlers, and without having beenseen by the traveller, and appearing to excite no attentionfrom the guide, followed the stranger with as much skill asa Parisian police agent would have used.
5.  "And scratches himself for amusement," added the king.
6.  * The Genoese conspirator.


1.  Morrel rang immediately for the servant who had takenBarrois's situation, and in Noirtier's name gave that order.The servant soon returned. The decanter and the glass werecompletely empty. Noirtier made a sign that he wished tospeak. "Why are the glass and decanter empty?" asked he;"Valentine said she only drank half the glassful." Thetranslation of this new question occupied another fiveminutes. "I do not know," said the servant, "but thehousemaid is in Mademoiselle Valentine's room: perhaps shehas emptied them."
2.  "How much?"
3.  "Still," said Chateau-Renaud, "Dr. d'Avrigny, who attends mymother, declares he is in despair about it. But whom are youseeking, Debray?"
4.  "Ma foi, what rival? Why, your protege, M. AndreaCavalcanti!"
5.  "Well, then, with the first money I touch, I mean you tohave a small house, with a garden in which to plantclematis, nasturtiums, and honeysuckle. But what ails you,father? Are you not well?"
6.  "Ah, just so," said Albert; "here begins the trial. Do youknow the decision we have come to, mother?"


1.  It was, indeed, Maximilian Morrel, who had passed a wretchedexistence since the previous day. With the instinct peculiarto lovers he had anticipated after the return of Madame deSaint-Meran and the death of the marquis, that somethingwould occur at M. de Villefort's in connection with hisattachment for Valentine. His presentiments were realized,as we shall see, and his uneasy forebodings had goaded himpale and trembling to the gate under the chestnut-trees.Valentine was ignorant of the cause of this sorrow andanxiety, and as it was not his accustomed hour for visitingher, she had gone to the spot simply by accident or perhapsthrough sympathy. Morrel called her, and she ran to thegate. "You here at this hour?" said she. "Yes, my poorgirl," replied Morrel; "I come to bring and to hear badtidings."
2.  "Yes, you have guessed rightly, Morrel," said the count,"that is what I intended."
3.  "Wait an instant," said the host; "Number 3 has twostaircases, -- inside and outside."
4.  "Yes, I."
5.   "Very well, sir," said Monte Cristo. "Now all that issettled, do let me see the performance, and tell your friendAlbert not to come any more this evening; he will hurthimself with all his ill-chosen barbarisms: let him go homeand go to sleep." Beauchamp left the box, perfectly amazed."Now," said Monte Cristo, turning towards Morrel, "I maydepend upon you, may I not?"
6.  "Yes, sir, I was there, and very anxious to speak; butDanglars restrained me. `If he should really be guilty,'said he, `and did really put in to the Island of Elba; if heis really charged with a letter for the Bonapartistcommittee at Paris, and if they find this letter upon him,those who have supported him will pass for his accomplices.'I confess I had my fears, in the state in which politicsthen were, and I held my tongue. It was cowardly, I confess,but it was not criminal."


1.  "Yes, but cautiously, tell one thing at a time, and do notsay I told you."
2.  "No, no, Blacas; he is a man of strong and elevatedunderstanding, ambitious, too, and, pardieu, you know hisfather's name!"
3.  "A change."
4、  "Can we account for instinct?" said Monte Cristo. "Are therenot some places where we seem to breathe sadness? -- why, wecannot tell. It is a chain of recollections -- an idea whichcarries you back to other times, to other places -- which,very likely, have no connection with the present time andplace. And there is something in this room which reminds meforcibly of the chamber of the Marquise de Ganges* orDesdemona. Stay, since we have finished dinner, I will showit to you, and then we will take coffee in the garden. Afterdinner, the play." Monte Cristo looked inquiringly at hisguests. Madame de Villefort rose, Monte Cristo did the same,and the rest followed their example. Villefort and MadameDanglars remained for a moment, as if rooted to their seats;they questioned each other with vague and stupid glances."Did you hear?" said Madame Danglars.
5、  "Swear, then," said Villefort, joining the hands of Morreland d'Avrigny, "swear that you will spare the honor of myhouse, and leave me to avenge my child." D'Avrigny turnedround and uttered a very feeble "Yes," but Morrel,disengaging his hand, rushed to the bed, and after havingpressed the cold lips of Valentine with his own, hurriedlyleft, uttering a long, deep groan of despair and anguish. Wehave before stated that all the servants had fled. M. deVillefort was therefore obliged to request M. d'Avrigny tosuperintend all the arrangements consequent upon a death ina large city, more especially a death under such suspiciouscircumstances.




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      "Send for him; I will tell him what I have seen, and we willconsult together, and examine the body."

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      "I cannot speak Latin," responded the marquise.

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       The young man uttered a groan, but appeared resigned.

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      "The Count of Monte Cristo?"

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    {  When they had advanced about twenty yards, Danglars lookedback and saw Fernand stoop, pick up the crumpled paper, andputting it into his pocket then rush out of the arbortowards Pillon.

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      "My end will be achieved before I grow old."}

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      "This is simple enough," said the count; "but look, is notyour correspondent putting itself in motion?"

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      "No," replied Andrea, dryly, "no, I cannot."

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       "Exactly so," said the delighted major.

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    {  "Good! Gendarmes, I am at your service. Ah, sir, do leave afew crowns for me at the gate that I may have some things Iam in need of!"

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      "No, no, Blacas; he is a man of strong and elevatedunderstanding, ambitious, too, and, pardieu, you know hisfather's name!"