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2.  "Thanks, monsieur. You are a hundred times too good.""Begone, then, find them instantly, and let all be done tonight!Ha! But first write your request to Dessessart. Perhaps you hada spy at your heels; and your visit, if it should ever be knownto the cardinal, will thus seem legitimate."
3.  "Well," said Porthos, "this is my advice--"
4.  "You will go to London," continued the cardinal. "Arrivedin London, you will seek Buckingham."
5.  The cardinal fixed his piercing eyes on this courageousspeaker.
6.  "Yes," replied Porthos, "it is the one that ought to havebeen sent to me at first. A bad joke of the husband'ssubstituted the other; but the husband has been punishedsince, and I have obtained full satisfaction."


1.  "How, in the wrong?" said Athos. "Whose, then, is the air webreathe? Whose is the ocean upon which we look? Whose is thesand upon which we were reclining? Whose is that letter of yourmistress? Do these belong to the cardinal? Upon my honor, thisman fancies the world belongs to him. There you stood,stammering, stupefied, annihilated. One might have supposed theBastille appeared before you, and that the gigantic Medusa hadconverted you into stone. Is being in love conspiring? You arein love with a woman whom the cardinal has caused to be shut up,and you wish to get her out of the hands of the cardinal. That'sa match you are playing with his Eminence; this letter is yourgame. Why should you expose your game to your adversary? Thatis never done. Let him find it out if he can! We can find outhis!"
2.  "But am I not your nearest relative?" demanded Milady, with atone of the most touching ingenuousness.
3.  "You see, monsieur, that you say it again."
4.  "You will give me a copy this evening, which I shall know byheart tomorrow."
5.  It was, then, Richelieu's object, not only to get rid of anenemy of France, but to avenge himself on a rival; but thisvengeance must be grand and striking and worthy in every wayof a man who held in his hand, as his weapon for combat, theforces of a kingdom.
6.  "You ask that?"


1.  "And I," said Athos, taking some small change from his pocket,I--"
2.  "And you say you will wait for me at Armentieres?""At Armentieres."
3.  "In that case, adieu."
4.  "You understand, Treville--an edict is still an edict, it isforbidden to fight, after all."
5.   As to D'Artagnan, being at bottom a prudent youth, instead ofreturning him he went and dined with the Gascon priest, who, atthe time of the distress of the four friends, had given them abreakfast of chocolate.
6.  "But will the person who shall accompany you afterward be a manor a woman?"


1.  D'Artagnan bowed to the duke, and was retiring.
2.  "Take Planchet. Planchet is brave and shrewd; they are twoqualities out of the four."
3.  He was absorbed entirely by the sensations of the moment.Milady was no longer for him that woman of fatal intentionswho had for a moment terrified him; she was an ardent,passionate mistress, abandoning herself to love which shealso seemed to feel. Two hours thus glided away. When thetransports of the two lovers were calmer, Milady, who hadnot the same motives for forgetfulness that D'Artagnan had,was the first to return to reality, and asked the young manif the means which were on the morrow to bring on theencounter between him and De Wardes were already arranged inhis mind.
4、  "Well, how is it with this madman?" exclaimed he, turning roundas the noise of the door announced the entrance of the host, whocame in to inquire if he was unhurt.
5、  "Madame!" said Athos, "madame, in the name of heaven, whose empty glassis this?"




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      "Yes; I."

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      "Oh, there is no difficulty in that. I shall stop and conceal myself afew leagues hence until my brother can rejoin me. Well, I take you withme; we conceal ourselves, and wait together."

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       "Ah, monsieur!" said the young man, "I meet you, then, at last! Thistime you shall not escape me!"

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      "There are several branches of the D'Artagnans at Tarbes andin its environs," said the cardinal; "to which do youbelong?"

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    {  "But that will compromise me sadly, you know."

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      "Oh, when I said I was alone," said Milady, hoping to make the novicetalk by talking of herself, "it is not for want of friends in highplaces; but these friends themselves tremble before the cardinal. Thequeen herself does not dare to oppose the terrible minister. I haveproof that her Majesty, notwithstanding her excellent heart, has morethan once been obliged to abandon to the anger of his Eminence personswho had served her."}

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      "The unknown giver," interrupted D'Artagnan.

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      "To Tours? Yes, that may be. You evidently know her. But whydid she return to Tours without telling me anything?""Because she was in fear of being arrested."

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       "Yes," said the baron, "assassinated. On receiving the warning letteryou wrote to me, I had this woman arrested, and gave her in charge to aloyal servant. She corrupted this man; she placed the poniard in hishand; she made him kill the duke. And at this moment, perhaps, Feltonis paying with his head for the crime of this fury!"A shudder crept through the judges at the revelation of these unknowncrimes.

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    {  But at the street gate, Porthos was talking with the soldier onguard. Between the two talkers there was just enough room for aman to pass. D'Artagnan thought it would suffice for him, and hesprang forward like a dart between them. But D'Artagnan hadreckoned without the wind. As he was about to pass, the windblew out Porthos's long cloak, and D'Artagnan rushed straightinto the middle of it. Without doubt, Porthos had reasons fornot abandoning this part of his vestments, for instead ofquitting his hold on the flap in his hand, he pulled it towardhim, so that D'Artagnan rolled himself up in the velvet by amovement of rotation explained by the persistency of Porthos.D'Artagnan, hearing the Musketeer swear, wished to escape fromthe cloak, which blinded him, and sought to find his way fromunder the folds of it. He was particularly anxious to avoidmarring the freshness of the magnificent baldric we areacquainted with; but on timidly opening his eyes, he foundhimself with his nose fixed between the two shoulders ofPorthos--that is to say, exactly upon the baldric.Alas, like most things in this world which have nothing in theirfavor but appearances, the baldric was glittering with gold inthe front, but was nothing but simple buff behind. Vaingloriousas he was, Porthos could not afford to have a baldric wholly ofgold, but had at least half. One could comprehend the necessityof the cold and the urgency of the cloak.

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      "We are then reconciled, dear Monsieur Porthos?" said she,simpering.