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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Is this the same lemonade of which you partook?"
2.  "Extremely well."
3.  "Oh, sire," exclaimed the Duc de Blacas, "M. Dandre is not aman to be accused of treason! Sire, we have all been blind,and the minister of police has shared the general blindness,that is all."
4.  "You can change them, idiot; gold is worth five sous."
5.  "Speak as fully as you please, sir," said the king, whobegan to give way to the emotion which had showed itself inBlacas's face and affected Villefort's voice. "Speak, sir,and pray begin at the beginning; I like order ineverything."
6.  "Come, Beauchamp," said Chateau-Renaud, "I will bet anythingyou do not believe a word of all you have been telling us."


1.  "Yes."
2.  "About a hundred tons; but she is built to stand anyweather. She is what the English call a yacht."
3.  "Just what you please; you may speak of her country and ofher youthful reminiscences, or if you like it better you cantalk of Rome, Naples, or Florence."
4.  "Is it, then, that young man whom my friend the Count ofMonte Cristo has received into his house, and who is goingto marry Mademoiselle Danglars?"
5.  "You are aware, monsieur, that a man may be estimable andtrustworthy in private life, and the best seaman in themerchant service, and yet be, politically speaking, a greatcriminal. Is it not true?"
6.  "No, excellency; and never shall I forget it," returnedPeppino, with an accent of profound gratitude.


1.  The count became pale as death, the blood rushed to hisheart, and then again rising, dyed his cheeks with crimson;his eyes swam like those of a man suddenly dazzled."Certainly, we are friends," he replied; "why should we notbe?" The answer was so little like the one Mercedes desired,that she turned away to give vent to a sigh, which soundedmore like a groan. "Thank you," she said. And they walked onagain. They went the whole length of the garden withoututtering a word. "Sir," suddenly exclaimed the countess,after their walk had continued ten minutes in silence, "isit true that you have seen so much, travelled so far, andsuffered so deeply?"
2.  "Well, then, I must be contented to imagine it."
3.  Albert looked at her with curiosity, for she had not yetrelated what he most desired to know, -- how she had becomethe slave of the count. Haidee saw at a glance the sameexpression pervading the countenances of her two auditors;she exclaimed, `When my mother recovered her senses we werebefore the serasker. `Kill,' said she, `but spare the honorof the widow of Ali.' -- `It is not to me to whom you mustaddress yourself,' said Koorshid.
4.  "It is a long time, madame," said the procureur, describinga half-circle with his chair, so as to place himself exactlyopposite to Madame Danglars, -- "it is a long time since Ihad the pleasure of speaking alone with you, and I regretthat we have only now met to enter upon a painfulconversation."
5.   "Yes, your excellency. What then?"
6.  "Take care," said Madame de Villefort, "the king's attorneyis here."


1.  "I must positively find out who and what he is," said Franz,rising from his seat.
2.  "I told you we were informed beforehand."
3.  "Doubtless; but there is no occasion to divide the honors ofmy discovery with him. The keeper would leave me in thebackground, and take all the glory to himself. I tell you,marquis, my fortune is made if I only reach the Tuileriesthe first, for the king will not forget the service I dohim."
4、  Dantes made no resistance; he was like a man in a dream: hesaw soldiers drawn up on the embankment; he knew vaguelythat he was ascending a flight of steps; he was consciousthat he passed through a door, and that the door closedbehind him; but all this indistinctly as through a mist. Hedid not even see the ocean, that terrible barrier againstfreedom, which the prisoners look upon with utter despair.
5、  "Who brought it into this room, then?"




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      "No, sir; I sold them to visitors, who considered them greatcuriosities; but I have still something left."

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      "The same as usual, my dear, my glass is there on the table-- give it to me, Valentine." Valentine poured the orangeadeinto a glass and gave it to her grandmother with a certaindegree of dread, for it was the same glass she fancied thathad been touched by the spectre. The marchioness drained theglass at a single draught, and then turned on her pillow,repeating, -- "The notary, the notary!"

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       "And by whom are you forbidden?"

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      "How would you realize?"

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    {  At this name, no doubt, the young man reflected a little,for he went towards his groom, saying, "This man is right; Idid indeed charge him with a commission, the result of whichhe must tell me; walk to the barrier, there take a cab, thatyou may not be too late." The surprised groom retired. "Letme at least reach a shady spot," said Andrea.

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      "Well, I will tell you what I did not like to mention on myreturn from Yanina."}

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      "Well, what should I say to the king?"

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      "A prisoner has escaped from the Chateau d'If, and they arefiring the alarm gun," replied Dantes. The captain glancedat him, but he had lifted the rum to his lips and wasdrinking it with so much composure, that suspicions, if thecaptain had any, died away.

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       "And what is it saying -- anything you understand?"

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    {  "Well, what do you wish me to do for you?" said Beauchampmildly.

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      "All at once I see you pass through the barrier with agroom, a tilbury, and fine new clothes. You must havediscovered a mine, or else become a stockbroker."