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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "`"Then you must die," replied the president calmly. M.d'Epinay became very pale; he looked round him a secondtime, several members of the club were whispering, andgetting their arms from under their cloaks. "General," saidthe president, "do not alarm yourself; you are among men ofhonor who will use every means to convince you beforeresorting to the last extremity, but as you have said, youare among conspirators, you are in possession of our secret,and you must restore it to us." A significant silencefollowed these words, and as the general did not reply, --"Close the doors," said the president to the door-keeper.
2.  "When I like."
3.  "I only mean that the count seems the rage," replied theviscount, smiling, "and that you are the seventeenth personthat has asked me the same question. The count is infashion; I congratulate him upon it."
4.  "I tell you to hope, because I have a method of curing you."
5.  "Laugh as much as you will," replied Albert, "I am in love."
6.  "Really, sir," retorted the count, "have you attained theeminent situation in which you are, without having admitted,or even without having met with exceptions? and do you neveruse your eyes, which must have acquired so much finesse andcertainty, to divine, at a glance, the kind of man by whomyou are confronted? Should not a magistrate be not merelythe best administrator of the law, but the most craftyexpounder of the chicanery of his profession, a steel probeto search hearts, a touchstone to try the gold which in eachsoul is mingled with more or less of alloy?"


1.  "Well, here is an opportunity made to your hand, and itwould be difficult to contrive a better. Have you acarriage?"
2.  "When are you to pay?"
3.  "Are you alone, reverend sir, or have you there soldiersready to seize me?"
4.  "What have I to fear, except from you?"
5.  "Oh, the wickedness of man is very great," said Villefort,"since it surpasses the goodness of God. Did you observethat man's eyes while he was speaking to us?"
6.  "Yes; a young man who loved her."


1.  The domestic bowed respectfully, and invited them to enter.They passed through two rooms, furnished in a luxuriousmanner they had not expected to see under the roof of SignorPastrini, and were shown into an elegantly fitted-updrawing-room. The richest Turkey carpets covered the floor,and the softest and most inviting couches, easy-chairs, andsofas, offered their high-piled and yielding cushions tosuch as desired repose or refreshment. Splendid paintings bythe first masters were ranged against the walls,intermingled with magnificent trophies of war, while heavycurtains of costly tapestry were suspended before thedifferent doors of the room. "If your excellencies willplease to be seated," said the man, "I will let the countknow that you are here."
2.  "So much the worse, or rather, so much the better; it hasbeen so ordained that he may have none to weep his fate."
3.  "It really was I whom your excellency expected at seveno'clock this evening?"
4.  "No; I do not wish to come between a father and son. Yourinterview will be private. But do not be uneasy; even if thepowerful voice of nature should be silent, you cannot wellmistake him; he will enter by this door. He is a fine youngman, of fair complexion -- a little too fair, perhaps --pleasing in manners; but you will see and judge foryourself."
5.   "Come with me, then. Peppino, put out the torch." Peppinoobeyed, and Franz and the count were in utter darkness,except that fifty paces in advance of them a reddish glare,more evident since Peppino had put out his torch, wasvisible along the wall. They advanced silently, the countguiding Franz as if he had the singular faculty of seeing inthe dark. Franz himself, however, saw his way more plainlyin proportion as he went on towards the light, which servedin some manner as a guide. Three arcades were before them,and the middle one was used as a door. These arcades openedon one side into the corridor where the count and Franzwere, and on the other into a large square chamber, entirelysurrounded by niches similar to those of which we havespoken. In the midst of this chamber were four stones, whichhad formerly served as an altar, as was evident from thecross which still surmounted them. A lamp, placed at thebase of a pillar, lighted up with its pale and flickeringflame the singular scene which presented itself to the eyesof the two visitors concealed in the shadow. A man wasseated with his elbow leaning on the column, and was readingwith his back turned to the arcades, through the openings ofwhich the newcomers contemplated him. This was the chief ofthe band, Luigi Vampa. Around him, and in groups, accordingto their fancy, lying in their mantles, or with their backsagainst a sort of stone bench, which went all round thecolumbarium, were to be seen twenty brigands or more, eachhaving his carbine within reach. At the other end, silent,scarcely visible, and like a shadow, was a sentinel, who waswalking up and down before a grotto, which was onlydistinguishable because in that spot the darkness seemedmore dense than elsewhere. When the count thought Franz hadgazed sufficiently on this picturesque tableau, he raisedhis finger to his lips, to warn him to be silent, and,ascending the three steps which led to the corridor of thecolumbarium, entered the chamber by the middle arcade, andadvanced towards Vampa, who was so intent on the book beforehim that he did not hear the noise of his footsteps.
6.  "What matter," said Monte Cristo "if he has rendered theState services which merit this distinction?"


1.  "Maximilian," said the count, "let us both lay aside themask we have assumed. You no more deceive me with that falsecalmness than I impose upon you with my frivoloussolicitude. You can understand, can you not, that to haveacted as I have done, to have broken that glass, to haveintruded on the solitude of a friend -- you can understandthat, to have done all this, I must have been actuated byreal uneasiness, or rather by a terrible conviction. Morrel,you are going to destroy yourself!"
2.  "Bravo," said Beauchamp to Albert; "I shall not go to theChamber, but I have something better to offer my readersthan a speech of M. Danglars."
3.  "Can it be?" cried Mercedes, shuddering.
4、  Danglars followed Edmond and Mercedes with his eyes untilthe two lovers disappeared behind one of the angles of FortSaint Nicolas, then turning round, he perceived Fernand, whohad fallen, pale and trembling, into his chair, whileCaderousse stammered out the words of a drinking-song.
5、  "Let us only speak of the promise you wished me to make,"said Franz.




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      Unfortunately, in this world of ours, each person viewsthings through a certain medium, and so is prevented fromseeing in the same light as others, and Madame Danglars,therefore, very much regretted that the marriage of Eugeniehad not taken place, not only because the match was good,and likely to insure the happiness of her child, but becauseit would also set her at liberty. She ran therefore toDebray, who, after having like the rest of Paris witnessedthe contract scene and the scandal attending it, had retiredin haste to his club, where he was chatting with somefriends upon the events which served as a subject ofconversation for three-fourths of that city known as thecapital of the world.

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      "Do I? No one better."

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       "That is not all; give my compliments to your illustriousLuccanese, Cavalcante of the Cavalcanti; and if by anychance he should be wishing to establish his son, find him awife very rich, very noble on her mother's side at least,and a baroness in right of her father, I will help you inthe search."

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      "But first tell me all the particulars of this shamefulplot." Beauchamp proceeded to relate to the young man, whowas overwhelmed with shame and grief, the following facts.Two days previously, the article had appeared in anotherpaper besides the Impartial, and, what was more serious, onethat was well known as a government paper. Beauchamp wasbreakfasting when he read the paragraph. He sent immediatelyfor a cabriolet, and hastened to the publisher's office.Although professing diametrically opposite principles fromthose of the editor of the other paper, Beauchamp -- as itsometimes, we may say often, happens -- was his intimatefriend. The editor was reading, with apparent delight, aleading article in the same paper on beet-sugar, probably acomposition of his own.

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    {  "Well, never mind," answered Caderousse, pouring out a glassof wine for Fernand, and filling his own for the eighth orninth time, while Danglars had merely sipped his. "Nevermind -- in the meantime he marries Mercedes -- the lovelyMercedes -- at least he returns to do that."

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      The old man nodded.}

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      "Remember, this is no affair of mine," said the tremblingvoice of La Carconte, as though through the flooring of herchamber she viewed the scene that was enacting below.

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      "`"Another method of assassination?" said the general,shrugging his shoulders.

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       "Thirty-five or thirty-six, mother."

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    {  "Will they never bring that emetic?" asked the doctor.

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      "In that box."