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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "A visitor?" inquired Valentine, much agitated; "who is it?"
2.  "Oh, they are simple enough," replied the host. "It seemsthe fellow had been caught wandering nearer to the harem ofthe Bey of Tunis than etiquette permits to one of his color,and he was condemned by the bey to have his tongue cut out,and his hand and head cut off; the tongue the first day, thehand the second, and the head the third. I always had adesire to have a mute in my service, so learning the day histongue was cut out, I went to the bey, and proposed to givehim for Ali a splendid double-barreled gun which I knew hewas very desirous of having. He hesitated a moment, he wasso very desirous to complete the poor devil's punishment.But when I added to the gun an English cutlass with which Ihad shivered his highness's yataghan to pieces, the beyyielded, and agreed to forgive the hand and head, but oncondition that the poor fellow never again set foot inTunis. This was a useless clause in the bargain, forwhenever the coward sees the first glimpse of the shores ofAfrica, he runs down below, and can only be induced toappear again when we are out of sight of that quarter of theglobe."
3.  "How is it arranged?"
4.  "Then you have thought that Barrois was poisoned?"
5.  "Well," said Beauchamp, "we shall see our friend!"
6.  "Who can say whether we shall ever see them again?" saidMorrel with tearful eyes.


1.  "Thanks," said the poor abbe, shivering as though his veinswere filled with ice. "I am about to be seized with a fit ofcatalepsy; when it comes to its height I shall probably liestill and motionless as though dead, uttering neither sighnor groan. On the other hand, the symptoms may be much moreviolent, and cause me to fall into fearful convulsions, foamat the mouth, and cry out loudly. Take care my cries are notheard, for if they are it is more than probable I should beremoved to another part of the prison, and we be separatedforever. When I become quite motionless, cold, and rigid asa corpse, then, and not before, -- be careful about this, --force open my teeth with the knife, pour from eight to tendrops of the liquor containted in the phial down my throat,and I may perhaps revive."
2.  "Sign it!" continued the count.
3.  "And madness?"
4.  Dantes, perceiving the affectionate eagerness of his father,responded by a look of grateful pleasure; while Mercedesglanced at the clock and made an expressive gesture toEdmond.
5.  "You, my poor child, suffer poverty and hunger? Oh, do notsay so; it will break my resolutions."
6.  "But you were speaking of Haitians?" said Monte Cristo.


1.  "Go then; for in the course of two hours it will be dark,and you will not be able to see anything."
2.  "Oh, what a clumsy thing I am," said she with feverishvolubility; "I don't know my way. I forgot there were threemore steps before the landing."
3.  "True; but that gentleman being absent, his secretary, byhis orders, opened his letters; thinking this one ofimportance, he sent for me, but not finding me, took uponhimself to give the necessary orders for arresting theaccused party."
4.  "How kind you are."
5.   "But I do."
6.  "But, excellency" -- said Pastrini, still striving to gainhis point.


1.  "So much the better for the dogs," said Monte Cristo.
2.  "Then, in my turn, I also say, very well!" Danglars pressedhis daughter's hand in his. But, extraordinary to relate,the father did not say, "Thank you, my child," nor did thedaughter smile at her father. "Is the conference ended?"asked Eugenie, rising. Danglars motioned that he had nothingmore to say. Five minutes afterwards the piano resounded tothe touch of Mademoiselle d'Armilly's fingers, andMademoiselle Danglars was singing Brabantio's malediction onDesdemona. At the end of the piece Etienne entered, andannounced to Eugenie that the horses were in the carriage,and that the baroness was waiting for her to pay her visits.We have seen them at Villefort's; they proceeded then ontheir course.
3.  "I do not know; but, though unwilling to introduce moneymatters into our present conversation, I will just say thismuch -- that her extreme dislike to me has its origin there;and I much fear she envies me the fortune I enjoy in rightof my mother, and which will be more than doubled at thedeath of M. and Mme. de Saint-Meran, whose sole heiress Iam. Madame de Villefort has nothing of her own, and hates mefor being so richly endowed. Alas, how gladly would Iexchange the half of this wealth for the happiness of atleast sharing my father's love. God knows, I would prefersacrificing the whole, so that it would obtain me a happyand affectionate home."
4、  "He was unable to write, sir. But that reminds me that Imust ask your leave of absence for some days."
5、  "And the matter seems serious to you?"




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      The draught produced a galvanic effect, a violent tremblingpervaded the old man's limbs, his eyes opened until it wasfearful to gaze upon them, he heaved a sigh which resembleda shriek, and then his convulsed body returned gradually toits former immobility, the eyes remaining open.

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      "Because yesterday, or the day before, they lost sight ofhim at the corner of the Rue Coq-Heron."

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       "No, Louis XVIII."

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      Chapter 29The House of Morrel & Son.

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    {  The Frenchman had been so impatient to reach the house ofThomson & French that he would not wait for the horses to beharnessed, but left word for the carriage to overtake him onthe road, or to wait for him at the bankers' door. Hereached it before the carriage arrived. The Frenchmanentered, leaving in the anteroom his guide, who immediatelyentered into conversation with two or three of theindustrious idlers who are always to be found in Rome at thedoors of banking-houses, churches, museums, or theatres.With the Frenchman, the man who had followed him enteredtoo; the Frenchman knocked at the inner door, and enteredthe first room; his shadow did the same.

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      "Is there one of my brethren in whom you have equalconfidence with myself?"}

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      "Only a few days," replied Monte Cristo. "His service doesnot allow him to absent himself more than two or three weekstogether."

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      "I say that Valentine is dead!" replied d'Avrigny, in avoice terrible in its solemn calm.

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       "If we were to go together to Luigi Vampa, I am sure hewould not refuse you Albert's freedom."

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    {  "Can we account for instinct?" said Monte Cristo. "Are therenot some places where we seem to breathe sadness? -- why, wecannot tell. It is a chain of recollections -- an idea whichcarries you back to other times, to other places -- which,very likely, have no connection with the present time andplace. And there is something in this room which reminds meforcibly of the chamber of the Marquise de Ganges* orDesdemona. Stay, since we have finished dinner, I will showit to you, and then we will take coffee in the garden. Afterdinner, the play." Monte Cristo looked inquiringly at hisguests. Madame de Villefort rose, Monte Cristo did the same,and the rest followed their example. Villefort and MadameDanglars remained for a moment, as if rooted to their seats;they questioned each other with vague and stupid glances."Did you hear?" said Madame Danglars.

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      "I rave?" said Morrel; "well, then, I appeal to M. d'Avrignyhimself. Ask him, sir, if he recollects the words he utteredin the garden of this house on the night of Madame deSaint-Meran's death. You thought yourselves alone, andtalked about that tragical death, and the fatality youmentioned then is the same which has caused the murder ofValentine." Villefort and d'Avrigny exchanged looks. "Yes,yes," continued Morrel; "recall the scene, for the words youthought were only given to silence and solitude fell into myears. Certainly, after witnessing the culpable indolencemanifested by M. de Villefort towards his own relations, Iought to have denounced him to the authorities; then Ishould not have been an accomplice to thy death, as I nowam, sweet, beloved Valentine; but the accomplice shallbecome the avenger. This fourth murder is apparent to all,and if thy father abandon thee, Valentine, it is I, and Iswear it, that shall pursue the assassin." And this time, asthough nature had at least taken compassion on the vigorousframe, nearly bursting with its own strength, the words ofMorrel were stifled in his throat; his breast heaved; thetears, so long rebellious, gushed from his eyes; and hethrew himself weeping on his knees by the side of the bed.