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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Carrie looked at him and felt justified. She was looking forsomething which would calm her conscience, and here it was, alight, airy disregard of her claims upon his justice. He hadfaithfully promised to marry her, and this was the way hefulfilled his promise.
2.  "Oh, go on. What have you got to be afraid of? It's a cheapcompany. The rest of them aren't as good as you are."
3.  "I saw you, Governor, last night."
4.  People in general attach too much importance to words. They areunder the illusion that talking effects great results. As amatter of fact, words are, as a rule, the shallowest portion ofall the argument. They but dimly represent the great surgingfeelings and desires which lie behind. When the distraction ofthe tongue is removed, the heart listens.
5.  In the interval which marked the preparation of the meal Carriefound time to study the flat. She had some slight gift ofobservation and that sense, so rich in every woman--intuition.
6.  "They're foolish to strike in this sort of weather," he thoughtto himself. "Let 'em win if they can, though."


1.  "My future must be assured if I can always get work this way,"thought Carrie.
2.  "I gave it to her."
3.  "At four, then, we may expect you?"
4.  "I'm going to strike for a raise in June. They can afford to payit, as much business as I turn in. I'll get it too, don't youforget."
5.  "What's this about you and Hurstwood?" he asked.
6.  "Did she see you?" she asked, expressing her full despair.This cut Hurstwood like a whip, and made him sullen.


1.  "Isn't it nice?" she answered.
2.  "Why don't you?" said Carrie.
3.  "It isn't anything very serious," Hurstwood said solemnly. Hewas very much disturbed over his own situation, and now that hehad Carrie with him, he only wanted to get safely out of reach ofthe law. Therefore he was in no mood for anything save suchwords as would further his plans distinctly.
4.  "Do look here," she remarked to Lola. "See what this man says:'If you will only deign to grant me one half-hour,'" sherepeated, with an imitation of languor. "The idea. Aren't mensilly?"
5.   "I don't know what I'm going to do about clothes," she said oneevening when they were together. "I need a hat."
6.  She was completely restored and delighted by his consideration,but she made him promise not to come around.


1.  "The little cur!" he muttered.
2.  As Carrie listened to this and much more of similar familiarbadinage among the men and girls, she instinctively withdrew intoherself. She was not used to this type, and felt that there wassomething hard and low about it all. She feared that the youngboys about would address such remarks to her--boys who, besideDrouet, seemed uncouth and ridiculous. She made the averagefeminine distinction between clothes, putting worth, goodness,and distinction in a dress suit, and leaving all the unlovelyqualities and those beneath notice in overalls and jumper.
3.  "There's lots of them on this line," said the officer on theright.Around the corner a more populated way appeared. One or twopedestrians were in view ahead. A boy coming out of a gate witha tin milk bucket gave Hurstwood his first objectionablegreeting.
4、  "I didn't marry you," he said, in a snarling tone.
5、  It would be the same with each one, only Vance essayed to orderfor all, inviting counsel and suggestions. Carrie studied thecompany with open eyes. So this was high life in New York. Itwas so that the rich spent their days and evenings. Her poorlittle mind could not rise above applying each scene to allsociety. Every fine lady must be in the crowd on Broadway in theafternoon, in the theatre at the matinee, in the coaches anddining-halls at night. It must be glow and shine everywhere,with coaches waiting, and footmen attending, and she was out ofit all. In two long years she had never even been in such aplace as this.




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      "How is that--what does your text say?"

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      With the wane of the afternoon went her hopes, her courage, andher strength. She had been astonishingly persistent. So earnestan effort was well deserving of a better reward. On every hand,to her fatigued senses, the great business portion grew larger,harder, more stolid in its indifference. It seemed as if it wasall closed to her, that the struggle was too fierce for her tohope to do anything at all. Men and women hurried by in long,shifting lines. She felt the flow of the tide of effort andinterest--felt her own helplessness without quite realising thewisp on the tide that she was. She cast about vainly for somepossible place to apply, but found no door which she had thecourage to enter. It would be the same thing all over. The oldhumiliation of her plea, rewarded by curt denial. Sick at heartand in body, she turned to the west, the direction of Minnie'sflat, which she had now fixed in mind, and began that wearisome,baffled retreat which the seeker for employment at nightfall toooften makes. In passing through Fifth Avenue, south towards VanBuren Street, where she intended to take a car, she passed thedoor of a large wholesale shoe house, through the plate-glasswindows of which she could see a middle-aged gentleman sitting ata small desk. One of those forlorn impulses which often grow outof a fixed sense of defeat, the last sprouting of a baffled anduprooted growth of ideas, seized upon her. She walkeddeliberately through the door and up to the gentleman, who lookedat her weary face with partially awakened interest.

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       On the opening night it looked to Carrie as if there were nothingto her part, after all. The happy, sweltering audience did notseem to see her in the first act. She frowned and frowned, butto no effect. Eyes were riveted upon the more elaborate effortsof the stars.

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      Carrie listened to this with mingled feelings. Her mind wasshaken loose from the little mooring of logic that it had. Shewas stirred by this thought, angered by that--her own injustice,Hurstwood's, Drouet's, their respective qualities of kindness andfavour, the threat of the world outside, in which she had failedonce before, the impossibility of this state inside, where thechambers were no longer justly hers, the effect of the argumentupon her nerves, all combined to make her a mass of janglingfibres--an anchorless, storm-beaten little craft which could doabsolutely nothing but drift.

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    {  Carrie noted the elegantly carpeted and decorated hall, themarbled lobby, and showy waiting-room. It was such a place asshe had often dreamed of occupying.

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      "Has Mr. Drouet gone out?" he asked of the clerk.}

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      "Well, I'll take it. I'm going right by her house in themorning.

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      "On the 16th."

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       "Oh, go on and keep it," she replied, rather unnerved. "There'llbe other things."

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    {  "At the Waldorf," she answered, mentioning the fashionablehostelry then but newly erected.

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      Chapter XV