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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What?"
2.  "Let us see," said D'Artagnan. "Are you SURE that the OTHERis dead?"
3.  "All is lost!" cried Buckingham, becoming as pale as a corpse;"two of the studs are wanting, there are only ten.""Can you have lost them, my Lord, or do you think they have beenstolen?"
4.  "Do you happen to entertain the haughty idea that I have notyet made you an offer equal to your value?" asked thecardinal, with a smile of disdain.
5.  "My Lord, they shall be yours."
6.  "No, monsieur; it is her Majesty's."


1.  "Ah, to see me?" said De Winter, cunningly.
2.  "Yes, frankly and loyally," replied the cardinal, in thesame tone. "All this negotiation must be carried onopenly."
3.  "You will see, because you will leave me at the door.""Shall I wait for you?"
4.  When the chancellor appeared, the king had already gone out byanother door.
5.  "Listen, Felton," resumed Milady, "for by the side of base andcontemptible men there are often found great and generousnatures. I had an affianced husband, a man whom I loved, and wholoved me--a heart like yours, Felton, a man like you. I went tohim and told him all; he knew me, that man did, and did not doubtan instant. He was a nobleman, a man equal to Buckingham inevery respect. He said nothing; he only girded on his sword,wrapped himself in his cloak, and went straight to BuckinghamPalace.
6.  At that moment Bazin entered with the spinach and the omelet."Be off, you wretch!" cried Aramis, throwing his skullcap in hisface. "Return whence you came; take back those horriblevegetables, and that poor kickshaw! Order a larded hare, a fatcapon, mutton leg dressed with garlic, and four bottles of oldBurgundy."


1.  Beyond Portsmouth the sea was covered with vessels whose masts, like aforest of poplars despoiled by the winter, bent with each breath of thewind.
2.  "Yes, your French husband. I don't speak of my brother. If youhave forgotten, as he is still living, I can write to him and hewill send me information on the subject."
3.  "Monseigneur, your Eminence has ill understood my words.""You want a pretext, do you not? I comprehend. Well, youhave this excuse: advancement, the opening campaign, theopportunity which I offer you--so much for the world. Asregards yourself, the need of protection; for it is fit youshould know, Monsieur d'Artagnan, that I have received heavyand serious complaints against you. You do not consecrateyour days and nights wholly to the king's service."D'Artagnan colored.
4.  "Yes, efficacious grace has touched you, as that gentleman saidjust now."
5.   At that moment he thought of the trees, upon whose leaves thelight still shone; and as one of them drooped over the road, hethought that from its branches he might get a glimpse of theinterior of the pavilion.
6.  "Advance, gentlemen," said the cardinal.


1.  "Well, this leave of absence and that letter mean that you mustfollow me, Athos."
2.  "Well?" said Milady.
3.  "Here, in an hour."
4、  Milady made no reply, but turning her beautiful head round uponher pillow, she burst into tears, and uttered heartbreaking sobs.Felton surveyed her for an instant with his usual impassiveness;then, seeing that the crisis threatened to be prolonged, he wentout. The woman followed him, and Lord de Winter did not appear."I fancy I begin to see my way," murmured Milady, with a savagejoy, burying herself under the clothes to conceal from anybodywho might be watching her this burst of inward satisfaction.Two hours passed away.
5、  Rochefort and D'Artagnan coolly greeted each other with their lips; butthe cardinal was there, observing them with his vigilant eye.They left the chamber at the same time.




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      "Within two leagues of this place, at the inn of the RedDovecot."

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      "The leave of absence Monsieur has asked for," replied thelackey.

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       "He has come!" thought Milady.

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      Standing before the chimney was a man of middle height, of ahaughty, proud mien; with piercing eyes, a large brow, and a thinface, which was made still longer by a ROYAL (or IMPERIAL, as itis now called), surmounted by a pair of mustaches. Although thisman was scarcely thirty-six or thirty-seven years of age, hair,mustaches, and royal, all began to be gray. This man, except asword, had all the appearance of a soldier; and his buff bootsstill slightly covered with dust, indicated that he had been onhorseback in the course of the day.

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    {  Mme. Bonacieux made no reply; but her heart beat with joy andsecret hope shone in her eyes.

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      "On what?"}

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      Not a word about the sapphire. Was the Gascon determined tokeep it as a weapon against Milady, or else, let us befrank, did he not reserve the sapphire as a last resourcefor his outfit? It would be wrong to judge the actions ofone period from the point of view of another. That whichwould now be considered as disgraceful to a gentleman was atthat time quite a simple and natural affair, and the youngersons of the best families were frequently supported by theirmistresses. D'Artagnan gave the open letter to Kitty, whoat first was unable to comprehend it, but who became almostwild with joy on reading it a second time. She couldscarcely believe in her happiness; and D'Artagnan was forcedto renew with the living voice the assurances which he hadwritten. And whatever might be--considering the violentcharacter of Milady--the danger which the poor girl incurredin giving this billet to her mistress, she ran back to thePlace Royale as fast as her legs could carry her.The heart of the best woman is pitiless toward the sorrowsof a rival.

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      "But why this question?"

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       "So much the worse for you, my dear host, so much the worse!When I am happy, I wish all the world to be so; but it appearsthat is not possible."

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    {  "And I some lamb chops," said Porthos.

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      "Are you quite sure of it?"