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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Then the cardinal added, "A PROPOS, sire, do not forget to tellher Majesty the evening before the fete that you should like tosee how her diamond studs become her."
2.  "Talking with you brings me misfortune," said Porthos."But, tell me, what do you ask?"
3.  The king feared an outbreak.
4.  "You see," said she, when the lackey had gone out, "everything is ready.The abbess suspects nothing, and believes that I am taken by order ofthe cardinal. This man goes to give his last orders; take the leastthing, drink a finger of wine, and let us be gone.""Yes," said Mme. Bonacieux, mechanically, "yes, let us be gone."Milady made her a sign to sit down opposite, poured her a small glass ofSpanish wine, and helped her to the wing of a chicken."See," said she, "if everything does not second us! Here is nightcoming on; by daybreak we shall have reached our retreat, and nobody canguess where we are. Come, courage! take something."Mme. Bonacieux ate a few mouthfuls mechanically, and just touched theglass with her lips.
5.  Unfortunately for D'Artagnan, among the spectators was one of hisEminence's Guardsmen, who, still irritated by the defeat of hiscompanions, which had happened only the day before, had promisedhimself to seize the first opportunity of avenging it. Hebelieved this opportunity was now come and addressed hisneighbor: "It is not astonishing that that young man should beafraid of a ball, for he is doubtless a Musketeer apprentice."D'Artagnan turned round as if a serpent had stung him, and fixedhis eyes intensely upon the Guardsman who had just made thisinsolent speech.
6.  "How do I know it?"


1.  At the first word Milady turned, looking at the young manwith astonishment; and when he had finished, she said invery good French, "Monsieur, I should with great confidenceplace myself under your protection if the person with whom Iquarrel were not my brother."
2.  "Oh, it's nothing," said D'Artagnan.
3.  "He? What he?" asked Athos.
4.  Planchet began to weep. We will not venture to say whetherit was from terror created by the threats or from tendernessat seeing four friends so closely united.
5.  "Why, I think there were not many intruders. Yes, Athos, Iknow what you mean: we shall do very well at the
6.  D'Artagnan explained the sword wound of his companion by asortie which he improvised. He described the death of theother soldier, and the perils they had encountered. Thisrecital was for him the occasion of veritable triumph. Thewhole army talked of this expedition for a day, and Monsieurpaid him his compliments upon it. Besides this, as everygreat action bears its recompense with it, the brave exploitof D'Artagnan resulted in the restoration of the tranquilityhe had lost. In fact, D'Artagnan believed that he might betranquil, as one of his two enemies was killed and the otherdevoted to his interests.


1.  "Except you, Athos, who never had one."
2.  "That is true, that is true, my child," said the queen, "you areright."
3.  Anne of Austria ran to her jewel case.
4.  D'Artagnan looked at Kitty for the second time. The younggirl had freshness and beauty which many duchesses wouldhave purchased with their coronets.
5.   The wounded man sank upon his knees, to again kiss the feetof his preserver; but D'Artagnan, who had no longer a motivefor staying so near the enemy, abridged the testimonials ofhis gratitude.
6.  "That is to say, yes and no."


1.  The day, however, passed away; and the evening came onslowly, but finally it came. The bars were filled withdrinkers. Athos, who had pocketed his share of the diamond,seldom quit the Parpaillot. He had found in M. de Busigny,who, by the by, had given them a magnificent dinner, apartner worthy of his company. They were playing together,as usual, when seven o'clock sounded; the patrol was heardpassing to double the posts. At half past seven the retreatwas sounded.
2.  "Yes, yes!" murmured D'Artagnan; "that's the place--Milady'sown residence!"
3.  "Monsieur has promised me not to open his mouth about theprocurator's wife, and not to say a word of the wound?""That's agreed; you have my word."
4、  "Good God!" cried he, laughing, "I quite despair of my poorMichon; she will never write like Monsieur de Voiture.""What does you mean by boor Michon?" said the Swiss, who waschatting with the four friends when the letter came."Oh, pardieu, less than nothing," said Aramis; "a charminglittle seamstress, whom I love dearly and from whose hand Irequested a few lines as a sort of keepsake."
5、  "You don't know I quit the seminary?"




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      "Yes, it is I," said D'Artagnan, "it is I, whom God has sent towatch over you."

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      "What is that?"

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       "Adieu, brother!" cried Milady.

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      The three friends uttered a cry of surprise.

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    {  Fortunately the storm began to subside, but still the sea wasdisturbed. The little boat bounded over the waves like a nut-shell.

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      In the morning Milady, under the pretext that she had not sleptwell in the night and wanted rest, sent away the woman whoattended her.}

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      "And now, my dear Athos," said he, "do me the kindness totell me where we are going?"

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      "Oh, the great man!" cried D'Artagnan. "I comprehend now.""You comprehend?" said Porthos.

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       "What do you say, sire? God forbid that the queen should sufferthe least inconvenience or uneasiness on my account! She hasalways believed me, sire, to be her enemy; although your Majestycan bear witness that I have always taken her part warmly, evenagainst you. Oh, if she betrayed your Majesty on the side ofyour honor, it would be quite another thing, and I should be thefirst to say, 'No grace, sire--no grace for the guilty!'Happily, there is nothing of the kind, and your Majesty has justacquired a new proof of it."

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    {  "At the Louvre."

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