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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, that's the question. Who had the house before you?""A retired sea captain called Ferguson."
2.  "I tapped at the door as agreed. Lucas opened it. I followed himinto his room, leaving the hall door ajar behind me, for I feared tobe alone with the man. I remember that there was a woman outside asI entered. Our business was soon done. He had my letter on his desk, Ihanded him the document. He gave me the letter. At this instantthere was a sound at the door. There were steps in the passage.Lucas quickly turned back the drugget, thrust the document into somehiding-place there, and covered it over.
3.  "But the assaults take different forms, do they not? She hasbeaten your son."
4.  "He took me into his dingy sanctum, and we had a long chat. Ofcourse, he was disappointed that you had not come yourself. 'Ihardly expected,' he said, 'that so humble all individual as myself,especially after my heavy financial loss, could obtain the completeattention of so famous a man as Mr. Sherlock Holmes.'
5.  Holmes sank back in his chair.
6.  "I'm easy to find," said the young woman. "Hell, London, gets meevery time. Same address for Porky Shinwell. We're old mates, Porky,you and I. But, by cripes! there is another who ought to be down ina lower hell than we if there was any justice in the world! That isthe man you are after, Mr. Holmes."


1.  "Oh, no, it was a knife. I saw the flash of the blade quitedistinctly."
2.  "It appears that his arrest did not take place at once, but afterthe return to Hatherley Farm. On the inspector of constabularyinforming him that he was a prisoner, he remarked that he was notsurprised to hear it, and that it was no more than his deserts. Hisobservation of his had the natural effect of removing any traces ofdoubt which might have remained in the minds of the coroner's jury.""It was a confession," I ejaculated.
3.  "Well, now I come to the queer part of my story. About a week ago-it was the Tuesday of last week- I found on one of the window-sillsa number of absurd little dancing figures like these upon the paper.They were scrawled with chalk. I thought that it was the stable-boywho had drawn them, but the lad swore he knew nothing about it.Anyhow, they had come there during the night. I had them washed out,and I only mentioned the matter to my wife afterwards. To my surprise,she took it very seriously, and begged me if any more came to lether see them. None did come for a week, and then yesterday morning Ifound this paper lying on the sundial in the garden. I showed it toElsie, and down she dropped in a dead faint. Since then she has lookedlike a woman in a dream, half dazed, and with terror always lurking inher eyes. It was then that I wrote and sent the paper to you, Mr.Holmes. It was not a thing that I could take to the police, for theywould have laughed at me, but you will tell me what to do. I am nota rich man, but if there is any danger threatening my little woman,I would spend my last copper to shield her."
4.  "From the point of view of the criminal" said Mr. Sherlock Holmes,"London has become a singularly uninteresting city since the deathof the late lamented Professor Moriarty."
5.  "Yes. He waved his hands."
6.  Together we stole down to the road and crept across to the door ofthe inn. The bicycle still leaned against the wall. Holmes struck amatch and held it to the back wheel, and I heard him chuckle as thelight fell upon a patched Dunlop tyre. Up above us was the lightedwindow.


1.  "Well, I should say so. He lives at Shoscombe Old Place, and Iknow it well, for my summer quarters were down there once. Norbertonnearly, came within your province once."
2.  "I think that this is all we will need," said Holmes. "Now, if youplease, we will get off on what I hope is the last stage of ourjourney."
3.  "Oh! it is more than a suspicion."
4.  "Sold out of geese, I see," continued Holmes, pointing at thebare slabs of marble.
5.   "I understand," said Holmes, "that you left your key in the door?""Yes, sir."
6.  "Wonderful!" said the country doctor. "You are certainly right, sir.Then a third shot has been fired, and therefore a third person musthave been present. But who could that have been, and how could he havegot away?"


1.  "Did she drink before this estrangement?"
2.  "Did you ever witness physical violence towards her?"
3.  "You are two of the most busy men in the country," said he, "andin my own small way I have also a good many calls upon me. I regretexceedingly that I cannot help you in this matter, and anycontinuation of this interview would be a waste of time."The Premier sprang to his feet with that quick, fierce gleam ofhis deep-set eyes before which a Cabinet has cowered. "I am notaccustomed, sir," he began, but mastered his anger and resumed hisseat. For a minute or more we all sat in silence. Then the oldstatesman shrugged his shoulders.
4、  "It was all still and quiet upon the ground floor. In the kitchena kettle was singing on the fire, and a large black cat lay coiledup in the basket; but there was no sign of the woman whom I had seenbefore. I ran into the other room, but it was equally deserted. Then Irushed up the stairs only to find two other rooms empty and desertedat the top. There was no one at all in the whole house. Thefurniture and pictures were of the most common and vulgar description,save in the one chamber at the window of which I had seen thestrange face. That was comfortable and elegant, and all mysuspicions rose into a fierce, bitter flame when I saw that on themantelpiece stood a copy of a full-length photograph of my wife, whichhad been taken at my request only three months ago.
5、  "Dr. Leslie Armstrong is certainly a man of energy and character,"said he. "I have not seen a man who, if he turns his talents that way,was more calculated to fill the gap left by the illustriousMoriarty. And now, my poor Watson, here we are, stranded andfriendless in this inhospitable town, which we cannot leave withoutabandoning our case. This little inn just opposite Armstrong's houseis singularly adapted to our needs. If you would engage a front roomand purchase the necessaries for the night, I may have time to makea few inquiries."




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      "Go and do the other half," said Holmes. "I at least, am notprepared to prevent you."

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      "My dear fellow, you shall keep watch in the street. I'll do thecriminal part. It's not a time to stick at trifles. Think of Mycroft'snote, of the Admiralty, the Cabinet, the exalted person who waitsfor news. We are bound to go."

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       "It's all going wrong, Watson- all as wrong as it can go. I kept abold face before Lestrade, but, upon my soul, I believe that foronce the fellow is on the right track and we are on the wrong. Allmy instincts are one way, and all the facts are the other, and Imuch fear that British juries have not yet attained that pitch ofintelligence when they will give the preference to my theories overLestrade's facts."

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      "He said that we were slack about such matters- that it would beeasy for a traitor to get the plans."

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    {  "I bowed, feeling as flattered as any young man would at such anaddress. 'May I ask who it was who gave me so good a character?'"'Well, perhaps it is better that I should not tell you that just atthis moment. I have it from the same source that you are both anorphan and a bachelor and are residing alone in London.'"'That is quite correct,' I answered; 'but you will excuse me if Isay that I cannot see how all this bears upon my professionalqualifications. I understand that it was on a professional matter thatyou wished to speak to me?'

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      "I say it is."}

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      "That is what Mr. Hilton Cubitt, of Riding Thorpe Manor, Norfolk, isvery anxious to know. This little conundrum came by the first post,and he was to follow by the next train. There's a ring at the bell,Watson. I should not be very much surprised if this were he."A heavy step was heard upon the stairs, and an instant later thereentered a tall, ruddy, clean-shaven gentleman, whose clear eyes andflorid cheeks told of a life led far from the fogs of Baker Street. Heseemed to bring a whiff of his strong, fresh, bracing, east-coastair with him as he entered. Having shaken hands with each of us, hewas about to sit down, when his eye rested upon the paper with thecurious markings, which I had just examined and left upon the table."Well, Mr. Holmes, what do you make of these?" he cried. "Theytold me that you were fond of queer mysteries, and I don't think youcan find a queerer one than that. I sent the paper on ahead, so thatyou might have time to study it before I came."

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      "Why did you beat the pavement?"

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       "The next step is the note received by Garcia at the dinner. Itindicates a confederate at the other end. Now, where was the otherend? I have already shown you that it could only lie in some largehouse, and that the number of large houses, is limited. My firstdays in this village were devoted to a series of walks in which in theintervals of my botanical researches I made a reconnaissance of allthe large houses and an examination of the family history of theoccupants. One house, and only one, riveted my attention. It is thefamous old Jacobean grange of High Gable, one mile on the farther sideof Oxshott, and less than half a mile from the scene of the tragedy.The other mansions belonged to prosaic and respectable people who livefar aloof from romance. But Mr. Henderson, of High Gable, was by allaccounts a curious man to whom curious adventures might befall. Iconcentrated my attention, therefore, upon him and his household."A singular set of people, Watson- the man himself the most singularof them all. I managed to see him on a plausible pretext, but I seemedto read in his dark, deep-set, brooding eyes that he was perfectlyaware of my true business. He is a man of fifty, strong, active,with iron-gray hair, great bunched black eyebrows, the step of a deer,and the air of an emperor- a fierce, masterful man, with a red-hotspirit behind his parchment face. He is either a foreigner or haslived long in the tropics, for he is yellow and sapless, but toughas whipcord. His friend and secretary, Mr. Lucas, is undoubtedly aforeigner, chocolate brown, wily, suave, and catlike, with a poisonousgentleness of speech. You see, Watson, we have come already upon twosets of foreigners- one at Wisteria Lodge and one at High Gable- soour gaps are beginning to close.

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    {  "I will try. What is it?"

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      She darted across to a writing-desk, unlocked it, and drew out along blue envelope.