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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then I must give up the idea?"
2.  "Yes," was the unanimous answer.
3.  "But you'll die of hunger," said the patron.
4.  "Then I should advise you to leave off wearing that style ofdress."
5.  "Help! help!" cried the abbe, "I -- I -- die -- I" --
6.  "Oh," observed Madame de Villefort, "it must be an admirableanti-spasmodic."


1.  "Then what?" asked Monte Cristo.
2.  "Hush, do not mention these things," said Danglars; then,approaching Monte Cristo, he added, "especially before youngM. Cavalcanti;" after which he smiled, and turned towardsthe young man in question. Albert had left the count tospeak to his mother, Danglars to converse with youngCavalcanti; Monte Cristo was for an instant alone. Meanwhilethe heat became excessive. The footmen were hasteningthrough the rooms with waiters loaded with ices. MonteCristo wiped the perspiration from his forehead, but drewback when the waiter was presented to him; he took norefreshment. Madame de Morcerf did not lose sight of MonteCristo; she saw that he took nothing, and even noticed hisgesture of refusal.
3.  "Did you doubt it, my dear Monsieur Bartolomeo?"
4.  "True!" said Fernand.
5.  "I am at your service, sir," replied the major.
6.  "And you want money; that is a matter of course, my dear M.Cavalcanti. Well, here are 8,000 francs on account."


1.  "Cocles, pay two hundred francs to each of these goodfellows," said Morrel. "At another time," added be, "Ishould have said, Give them, besides, two hundred francsover as a present; but times are changed, and the littlemoney that remains to me is not my own."
2.  "I do not. Pray relate it to me!" Caderousse seemed toreflect for a few moments, then said, "No, truly, it wouldtake up too much time."
3.  "Not at all," said Chateau-Renaud, slowly; "I think he isviolently agitated. He is very susceptible."
4.  "Well, my poor friend," replied Beauchamp, "I expected you."
5.   "Recollect the seven fat and the seven lean kine."
6.  "Well?"


1.  "I beg your pardon, madame, but you were about to relatesome story, were you not? You said, `only imagine,' -- andthen paused. Pray continue."
2.  "Oh, he never was a friend of mine, I did not know him, andI had nothing to ask of him."
3.  The procureur dropped his head; his teeth chattered likethose of a man under a violent attack of fever, and yet hewas deadly pale.
4、  The idea that her strength had failed her in attempting toescape, and that she had fainted in one of the paths, wasthe one that most impressed itself upon his mind. "In thatcase," said he, "I should lose her, and by my own fault." Hedwelt on this idea for a moment, then it appeared reality.He even thought he could perceive something on the ground ata distance; he ventured to call, and it seemed to him thatthe wind wafted back an almost inarticulate sigh. At lastthe half-hour struck. It was impossible to wait longer, histemples throbbed violently, his eyes were growing dim; hepassed one leg over the wall, and in a moment leaped down onthe other side. He was on Villefort's premises -- hadarrived there by scaling the wall. What might be theconsequences? However, he had not ventured thus far to drawback. He followed a short distance close under the wall,then crossed a path, hid entered a clump of trees. In amoment he had passed through them, and could see the housedistinctly. Then Morrel saw that he had been right inbelieving that the house was not illuminated. Instead oflights at every window, as is customary on days of ceremony,he saw only a gray mass, which was veiled also by a cloud,which at that moment obscured the moon's feeble light. Alight moved rapidly from time to time past three windows ofthe second floor. These three windows were in Madame deSaint-Meran's room. Another remained motionless behind somered curtains which were in Madame de Villefort's bedroom.Morrel guessed all this. So many times, in order to followValentine in thought at every hour in the day, had he madeher describe the whole house, that without having seen it heknew it all.
5、  Danglars had, however, protested against showing himself ina ministerial box, declaring that his political principles,and his parliamentary position as member of the oppositionparty would not permit him so to commit himself; thebaroness had, therefore, despatched a note to Lucien Debray,bidding him call for them, it being wholly impossible forher to go alone with Eugenie to the opera. There is nogainsaying the fact that a very unfavorable constructionwould have been put upon the circumstance if the two womenhad gone without escort, while the addition of a third, inthe person of her mother's admitted lover, enabledMademoiselle Danglars to defy malice and ill-nature. Onemust take the world as one finds it.




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      "O mother!" murmured Renee.

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       "Well!" said Andrea, -- "my servant's coat and my hat?"

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      "What of that?"

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    {  "Child," replied the count, "not to know the value of aman's word! I have told you twenty times that if you wish todie on that day, I will assist you. Morrel, farewell!"

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      "Help, help!" cried Mademoiselle d'Armilly, taking the bellfrom her companion's hand, and ringing it yet moreviolently. "Save me, I am pursued!" said Andrea, claspinghis hands. "For pity, for mercy's sake do not deliver meup!"}

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      "Yes, I once had business to transact with it to the amountof 200,000 francs; but since then I have not heard itmentioned."

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      Horticulture seemed, however, to have been abandoned in thedeserted kitchen-garden; and where cabbages, carrots,radishes, pease, and melons had once flourished, a scantycrop of lucerne alone bore evidence of its being deemedworthy of cultivation. A small, low door gave egress fromthe walled space we have been describing into the projectedstreet, the ground having been abandoned as unproductive byits various renters, and had now fallen so completely ingeneral estimation as to return not even the one-half percent it had originally paid. Towards the house thechestnut-trees we have before mentioned rose high above thewall, without in any way affecting the growth of otherluxuriant shrubs and flowers that eagerly dressed forward tofill up the vacant spaces, as though asserting their rightto enjoy the boon of light and air. At one corner, where thefoliage became so thick as almost to shut out day, a largestone bench and sundry rustic seats indicated that thissheltered spot was either in general favor or particular useby some inhabitant of the house, which was faintlydiscernible through the dense mass of verdure that partiallyconcealed it, though situated but a hundred paces off.

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       "But," asked Danglars, in a timid tone, "how did you manageabout the other formalities -- the contract -- thesettlement?"

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    {  "Oh, yes, with all my soul."

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      "Eh, it was that that did the business; after pitchingheavily for twelve hours we sprung a leak. `Penelon,' saidthe captain, `I think we are sinking, give me the helm, andgo down into the hold.' I gave him the helm, and descended;there was already three feet of water. `All hands to thepumps!' I shouted; but it was too late, and it seemed themore we pumped the more came in. `Ah,' said I, after fourhours' work, `since we are sinking, let us sink; we can diebut once.' `That's the example you set, Penelon,' cries thecaptain; `very well, wait a minute.' He went into his cabinand came back with a brace of pistols. `I will blow thebrains out of the first man who leaves the pump,' said he."